Your Questions About How To Invest In China

Susan asks…

Will China become the most powerful Nation in the world?

Consider the facts, what products does China NOT manufacture?

What would happen if the people of China became there number one consumer of the products they currently manufacture for other countried primarily, North America (USA/Canada)??

With a population of 1,313,973,713 (July 2006 est.) according to CIA World facts, what do you think? The USA citizens consist of about 5 percent of the worlds population in today. If USA consumers are currently China‘s main consumer of goods, what about China‘s citizens becoming the most dominate consumers of goods?

China won the right to host the Olympics in 2008, by that time, don’t you think this will be a great opportunity for China to show the world how great they are? The real estate and resorts will be exposed to the world and China most definitely will seek to attract millions around the world.

China is investing billions of dollars in US bonds, securities, real estate, corporations, and others in America, planning decades ahead.

John answers:

Yes it will. Most children in the United States do not go to college. In China must people go on to college. American children also are not hard workers. Go to a fast food place the kids today are slow and stupid. In China they only have 1 child per household. In America we have children having children and CHILDREN Killing Children. I can go on but you get the point.

Mark asks…

invest in japan & china stockmarkets?

am familiar w/ nikkei, how do i find those companies i am interested in -or- service for a reasonable fee. am interested in
“the construction bank of china” “the elderly care market in japan”, is this possible to invest in these areas w/ little money?please advise, thank you

John answers:

You may be better off investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) that specialise in those countries. For instance, you can invest in ISHARES by country/region or industry.
These are similar to mutual funds but are usually less expensive (the fees are not as high as mutual funds)

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Jenny asks…

What is your outlook or strategy in investing in Chinese stocks?

For average Americans who are considering investing in China, what are some good resources, and advices or tips? It might be there currently are likely to be a few stocks in China that can grow like how PCLN grew during the past decade here in US of A.

I don’t like China, but it needs be strictly about the money. Not feelings or emotions or opinions.

John answers:


Chris asks…

Has anyone figured out a good way to invest in the China Market?

It’s obvious there will be some opportunity as China develops it’s domestic market but their way of doing business is foreign to us. It’s my thinking companies providing consumer products have the best opportunity but how to evaluate and invest other than fund driven baskets eludes me.
What about Banks? Surely a sound bank will enjoy profits of economic growth.
Daniel, STP looks good on the surface but Chinese tend to prefer profit. I fear they won’t accept the high start up costs of Solar Power, unless it’s heavily subsidized. I don’t think the Government is interested at this phase and global welfare funds have higher priority like health and education in developing countries.

As to stocks in general with the man in the street having more disposable income and desire to share in the growth, I fear the stock market is too sentiment driven.

John answers:

I have direct experience working in China. It is extremely difficult as a foreign investor to invest directly into Chinese companies. You know about the A, B shares and they confusing rules right. Plus the lack of transparency in the Chinese stock market.

I recommend for anyone interested in setting up shop or investment in China, one simple rule….you have to be there on the ground. Everything else would make this a too long posting.

For stocks, the easiest way is to purchase Chinese companies trading in Nasdaq and Dow Jones & there are a long list of them.Sentiment driven in Chinese stocks?. How do you think the US stock market are doing today?. It is pure sentiment here. Metlife reported a huge loss and the stock is up along with DJ index.

If anything many Chinese companies are more sound in terms of sentimentality to market news. I haven’t bought into Chinese stocks at this time but I hope to soon. Problem is they have risen quite a bit the last few months.

Joseph asks…

Why Doubt Romney will not go back to investing in China and Stem Cells Research once in Office?

I don’t doubt it. He still had all these stocks up till 2009 and his excuse was he had a blind trust. Well he can tell his lawyer how to invest can’t he? This guy looks to me like an extreme opportunist. He is the Richest Candidate with 250 Million Net Worth

John answers:

He will ! Thats why i will vote for some one who is honest and consistent!

Ron Paul has my Vote than you very much!

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