Your Questions About How To Invest In China

James asks…

I’d really like to begin investing in China, India, and Thailand. How can I get my foot in the door?

John answers:

You can begin by investing in the shares or ADRs of companies listed in the US. This way, you can do all your investments in US dollars first. When you are more comfortable, you can start buying shares of companies listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. One thing to keep in mind is that the volume of shares listed publicly in the float is comparatively small, which means that you should expect higher price volatility. If major fluctuations bother you, don’t invest in these markets. One good way to get started is to read the books written by Jim Rogers, starting with Adventure Capitalist.

Susan asks…

how to invest in mutual funds china?

what mutual fund company in hongkomg/macau invests primarilly in china equity? And how can I invest?

John answers:

The Chinese stock market is closed to foreign investors, you could invest in china though either adrs or pink sheets(Chinese stock listed in the US or other exchanges) or on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
There are a few mutual funds which invest in China, you can either Google “china fund” or “china etf”

Thomas asks…

if you speak chinese and know a little bit about china how do you turn this into an investment advantage?

Tell me how to make money investing in china. what are the steps i need to take.

John answers:

You could work for a company that does a lot of its trading in China, or you could be one of the few people in America that has detailed information about new products that Chinese companies are going to be producing.

Charles asks…

Investing in China and or India?

I would like to Invest some money in India or China, has anyone got any tips on how to go about this, as safe as possible please?

John answers:

1. Invest in what? You have experience in which field? Or independent body to assess profit areas.
2. For the amount to invest will decide the nature of business.
3. Both the markets are flooded with foreign capital. Safety is not a concern.
Decision shall be based on market survey.

Mary asks…

CHINA invests in Africa?

How extensive are China‘s oil interests in Africa?
China‘s voracious demand for energy to feed its booming economy has led it to seek oil supplies from African countries including Sudan, Chad, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of Congo. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says China accounted for 40 percent of total growth in global demand for oil in the last four years; in 2003, it surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largest oil consumer, after the United States. In the first ten months of 2005, Chinese official sources say, Chinese companies invested a total of $175 million in African countries, primarily on oil exploration projects and infrastructure. On January 9, state-owned Chinese energy company CNOOC Ltd. announced it would buy a 45 percent stake in an offshore oil field in Nigeria for $2.27 billion. China already has a significant presence in many African countries, notably Sudan: China takes 64 percent of Sudan’s oil exports. “China is very deeply engaged in exploiting Africa’s oil resources,” says Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Does this sound a little scary to anyone else?

John answers:

Yes, China is growing and not using ethical means. They buy oil from Sudan fueling the conflict over there, and also sell weapons to Iran, who ship them over to Iraq which kills our soldiers.

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