Your Questions About How To Invest In China

David asks…

How would the rise of China and India to economic superpower status benefit Canada?

Have our leaders thought about investing in China and India?

John answers:

More canadian resouurces willl be bought by these canada 40 percent off thee bussiness immigrantss are chinese.

Mandy asks…

Is the country of Taiwan superior to China?

Is Taiwan more advanced, developed, wealtheir and free when compared to China with regards to
-Freedom of Press
-Personal Expression
-Choosing your job
-Having Children
-copyright/trademark protection
How has China helped to develop, govern and protect its “province” of Taiwan? Are the Taiwanese mostly responsible for investing in China‘s growgth in the past 15 years?

John answers:

There is no country called Taiwan. It is a Province of the ROC.

Taiwanese have invested billions in the PRC for mutual benefit. While many Taiwanese invested companies have lost money , many others have made good profit . At the same time the Investments of the Taiwanese have given Millions of PRC Nationals employment. One should not forget that the Main Investors in the PRC Before The Taiwanese were the HK’ers

The PRC Has NEVER had any jurisdiction over the ROC since the PRC was formed in 1949. Before that , the territory known as the PRC was part of the ROC.

As for your regards to points:
The citizens of the ROC are way ahead in all areas compared to the citizens of the PRC. In Jobs,having kids,housing,freedom of Movement, asembly,expression Press e.t.c.

Donald asks…

How can I invest into Warren Buffet’s invested company in China called BYD? It is the electric car company.?

How can I invest into Warren Buffet’s invested company in China called BYD? It is the electric car company.

I think it is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, not sure how to go about in investing into this. How much value per share, what is minimum investment required.

John answers:

BYD is a Chinese Automobile manufacturer company which is listed in Stock Exchange of HongKong. Warren Buffett’s Bershire Hathaway Inc took an approximately 10% stake in this company.Share value variate daily. You can invest though HongKong stock Exchange .Any recognized broker may help you in investment.

Carol asks…

china investing?

how can i find info on how and who to invest in 2008 in china. can you online trade with companies in china? whos got the best picks for 2008?

John answers:

You are way late to the game. All the China hype has already passed. And it was just hype. The Chinese economy is a house of cards waiting to collapse.

Chris asks…

What recourse does China have if U.S. defaults on bonds?

What would China do if U.S. defaults on Government Bonds that China invested in. I don’t really understand how Credit Markets work. Would China go to some International Finance-Governing Authority to complain, or something?

John answers:

If the U.S. Defaulted on its bonds, then China would retaliate through a variety of trade wars. It would be economic destruction worldwide.

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