Your Questions About How To Invest In China

Robert asks…

What if all the rich decided to invest in China?

What if every time the US issued a tax break for the rich, the rich decided that they would take the money and invest it in the Chinese economy because it returned a bigger bang for their buck as Chinese workers work for much less?

If this is already happening, do you support further tax breaks for the rich?

John answers:

They already do

Carol asks…

I would like to find an angel investor?

I need to find someone willing to invest in China angel investors.I hope you can help me, give me you know angel investor contact, preferably e-mail. Thank you very much!

John answers:

If I wanted to invest my money with China, I go shopping at Walmart.

Sandy asks…

Where can I find venture capital firms that typically invest in China?

I want to search online first to get venture capital firms that are interested in investing to manufacturing companies in China. Do you know which websites are good for them?

John answers:

Most venture funds have a China focus, so it is not hard to find a fund that will invest in China.
However, I’ve included a link to Orrick’s overview.


Ken asks…

What would happen if all those factories in China closed down and moved to Mexico?

Would Mexico eventually become a wealthy nation with billions to invest in infrastructure as China has? Would the average standard of living increase for Mexicans due to all the good paying factory jobs? Would all the good things happening in Mexico reduce the desire for illegal immigration into the USA?

John answers:

This is the reason that the haters of NAFTA are wrong.

It is in our national interest to have a strong economy to our south as we do to our north in Canada.
The immigration issue goes away and we have a better reional strategy overall. Mexicans will buy more US goods and do than China ever will allow their people to do.

As for the mention of drug cartels – The drug cartels exist because of the poverty and our prohibition.

Joseph asks…

Why do Americans seem mad that China invested in your nation and lent your government money?

Your government allowed your corporations to off shore your jobs as the voter slept Your sleeping your fault your problem

And China invested and lent your government money and now your mad at them ?

Isn’t that the reaction of a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum out of sheer ignorance and a complete lack of gratitude ?

And when should Venezuela expect a thank you for saving your poor from freezing to death by GIVING you FREE heating oil ? You should have the common decency to do these things on your own without being prompted so what is your explanation for this disgraceful behavior ?

John answers:

We’re not mad at China. We’re mad at George W. Bush.


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