Your Questions About How To Invest In China

Thomas asks…

How would China avoid its own collapse when America falls?

If our money is devalued, how will they maintain? We are their biggest customer, and it doesn’t sound like any other countries can buy their products at nearly the same scale the USA does. How could the stock market continue to exist? How can we survive this transition? Many say to invest in China‘s natural resources as a way to survive, but wouldn’t even those things crash without the buying power off the USA they seamed to be developing on? Where would everything end up if the US dollar is devalued?

John answers:

Currency manipulation and capital control. It has pegged the Yuan to the dollar.The devaluation of the dollar will not have the effects on the Yuan and its exports. The US cannot use capital control and violate WTO’s codes.It cannot even raise the tariff against imports from China.

Joseph asks…

Where can I find information telling me which countries and industries China is investing in?

To be clear… I’m not interested in investing in China. I’m interested in where the Chinese are investing their money and what they invest in. For example: I know that over 50% of Brazil’s manufactured good come from China. I don’t know what industries this investment flow affects in Brazil, other than manufactured goods. I also don’t know what other nations are selling to the Chinese more than others.

There has got to be a database of this information somewhere, right? Seems to be missing from UN and World Bank. Help please 🙂

John answers:

A country is not required to reveal where it chooses to invest. In other words, what’s available online is only what China wants people to know about.


is a good place to start. While it deals primarily with US/China trade statistics, there are tables including world stats. There are lots of links on the site, so you can probably dig up some info on them. However, some of the links are available only to members of the China US Trade Council, so not all information is free.

Good luck on your project.

Sharon asks…

If America didnt sit around crying about going green investments would we be selling China what they seek?

If America didn’t sit around crying about alternative energy investments would we be selling China what they seek?

China is working hard on developing such technology cause, well, China really can’t pack much more pollution into their environment. And they know this. They know this so well that they are even taxing American corporations for adding pollution to their country during this whole “We need to help China by industrializing them” deal.

So instead of America investing in our own green gear, we’re investing in China‘s. WOO!

John answers:

Our politicians are no longer servants of the people – rather they are incredibly wealthy people who got their wealth by passing social programs and taking payoffs/bribes that eventually fill their own pockets with loads of money – and I’m talking multi-millions! These people in the White House and Congress have NO IDEA what it is like to struggle for a living – to make $30,000 a year and have two kids – to work hard everyday and barely make it by – these ELITISTS have NO IDEA! This is why their policies and ideas are so off from what the real American thinks. O_O

Mandy asks…

When Romney invested in China did he commit TREASON against America?

China has a stronger military now that could be a threat to America because of people like Romney investing in China!
And don’t say I shop at Wal Mart people like Romney left us with no choice but to buy from Wal Mart

John answers:

Yes. Romney is a traitor and should be hung. Obama wants to take away tax breaks from companies like bain that outsource US Jobs.

Sandy asks…

Where can I find detailed information on China stocks?

I want to invest in the China stockmarket but I’m having trouble finding well–formatted information in English. I have all the graphs and options in Chinese, however it’s a struggle to use. I need all the typical graphic output for the market indices over the last three or five years as well as a stock-by-stock option, of course.

John answers:

Check the link below . Hope it helps.


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