Your Questions About How To Invest In China

Mandy asks…

How to invest China currency (RMB) in Singapore?

I would like to invest China currency (RMB) in Singapore. Which bank offers this foreign currency investment?

Many thanks in advance.

John answers:

Don’t invest in anything from China…. You’ll regret it in another 10 years when they try to take over the world

Joseph asks…

where can i find people who would have interest in investing China?

I want to find some investor come to China investing on planting camellia trees and get the camellia oil.Can anybody give me some ideas how to find those investors?It can be several investors form a joint-venture.
The total fund may involved is about $210K.

John answers:

You’ll need a business plan with full details of the proposed operation, a cash-flow analysis, and expected ROI. Once you have that you can present it to some of the angel investment organizations both in China and the US.

David asks…

How do i invest in China’s money since the dollar is so low?

I have scottrade…is there a stock to invest in China‘s money?


John answers:

You can invest in the Chinese ETF Chinese Yuan fund from Wisdomtree which invests in Chinese money markets so your also get interest along with FX upward potential if the Yuan appreciates against the dollar.

Linda asks…

How do you invest in china’s stocks from the usa?

Like How do you receive dividend payout if you are not physically there. Or what method do you use to trade.

John answers:

Many Chinese companies trade on US exchanges just like US stocks. Dividends will go directly to your account minus any applicable taxes. China is not a good place to invest though. Don’t believe all the hype.

Paul asks…

How do you invest in china stock’s?

do you need a special broker, or is it open to anybody to invest in?

John answers:

The best way is to invest in the Chinese stocks listed on the NYSE. These are sometimes called ADR stocks. Those companies are generally the safest bets anyway, there are many to choose from, and you can use a standard brokerage account to buy and sell them.

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