Your Questions About How To Invest

Ken asks…

What is the best way to invest small amount to earn profit?

Ok, how about buying some stocks or something similar. but i have no idea how to start with.
Can you refer me to some useful websites etc where i can invest money (small amount).

im planning to invest around 5000-8000 EUR.

John answers:

Go to a financial advisor

Steven asks…

How can I learn how to invest money in stocks?

I am turning 18 pretty soon and would not only like to be able to know how to invest money in stocks, but to also learn how to invest my money in general. Are there any good websites, books, CDs, ect that anyone could recommend for myself to get a leg up?

Any advice would be helpful also


John answers:

I would suggest “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. This is used as a college text book in courses on security analysis. He also wrote another text book on the same subject with a different approach with a man whose name was Dodd. I would also suggest that you read the weekly newspaper, Barrons or the daily Wall Street Journal. They are available at the public library for free. You might also wish to study Value Line Services in the reference section of your public library. This is updated weekly. Oh, by the way, I believe that according to Federal law, you will not be able to trade until you are 21.

Charles asks…

How do I invest safely with little money?

I wanna invest about 500 or so to start, I know it won’t make me a millionare but I do want to see some return, the bigger the better of course, but I don’t want to just throw the money away either. Any suggestions?

John answers:

If I were you, I would only own one or two stocks max. I would own a utility (DUK, SE, HNP, FPL) because they are going to benefit from rate cuts and they have very healthy dividends and they will NEVER go out of business.

I would also own a Dow stock. Maybe try PG. It’s a recession-proof company with solid management and great earnings growth.

In closing, I would go with DUK and PG as my picks. I would buy them until you owned 100 of each and then diversify from there.

Linda asks…

What are some good ways to invest small amounts of cash?

I want to invest no more than $3000. I want to invest in a mutual fund, -treasury bills, or stocks. I’m trying to get research on each but it is so hard to understand so I’m asking the public. I want to know as much info on the 3 as possible, like how they work? Buying, Selling, and cashing them in. Especially the cashing them in part. Thanks in Advance.

John answers:

Mutual funds are designed for investors who are trying to invest using small sums. An index mutual fund will give you the most bang for your buck with a small investment. Index funds have very low fees and solid diversification; they are a great way to invest in many different stocks.

Any mutual fund company can help you open an account and place trades (buying, sell, or exchanging).

Stocks require a bit more knowledge and effort for you to be successful. However, individual stocks can be very lucrative. Try to do as much planning and research in order to learn as much as possible before investing in stocks.

If you do invest in stocks, use a broker with low trading fees. Brokerage companies will allow you to buy and sell the stocks you want, and take out cash.

Treasury bills are very simple to invest in. They are considered one of the most secure investments available. You can open a treasury account and purchase any denomination you want. You can open an account through TreasuryDirect and deposit money to purchase treasuries.

Sandra asks…

How can I invest my 2 million dollars to become a Billionaire?

How could I invest 2 million dollars to become a Billionaire eventually? The best possible way that won’t take forever. Its my inheritance money.

John answers:

Buy 1 million dollars worth of silver bullion, then buy 1 million dollars of silver contracts through Comex and demand physical delivery. The comex is leveraged many times over and if a large investor demands delivery it will create a run and will make the silver bullion price explode!! Check out the Hunt Brothers.

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