Your Questions About How To Invest

Sandy asks…

What is the best type of stocks to invest into to become a millionaire?

I want to invest into stocks as soon as I turn aged 18. I also want to become a millionaire as I invest. What are the best stocks to invest into to become a millionaire?

John answers:

I am glad you have high ambitions for yourself, but investing is not as easy as picking the “best” stock. What is in this moment today, may be out tomorrow without warning. Who would have thought a few years back that behemoths like Citibank ot Bank of America would have ever sold for a buck, but it happened months back. How many people realized years ago that Apple would be able to successfully take on Microsoft and win?
One never knows. All you can do is diversify, time things right, watch over everything closely, say your prayers, be a bit lucky, and hope for the best.

David asks…

What are some ways teens can invest money on?

Hi I am 16 and would like to invest my money.
I’ve come across things like prosper but I was wondering if there are some others.
I also would like to know if there are some ways I can earn money online.

John answers:

Maybe you can invest with your parents, ask them how they are managing their portfolio.

Lisa asks…

What is the best way to invest to generate income on a monthly basis?

I have $100,000 to invest that I would like to generate interest income from. What would be the is the best way to invest?

John answers:

If you are looking for conservative but guaranteed returns, I agree with the earleir answer in terms of using CDs. If you break the total investment into 3 equal portions and put them on a rotating 90 day CDs, it’s a decent return with 1 portion always freeing up each month in the event you need to use it.

However, if I read your question correctly, you are looking for more substantial “income”. If that is the case, then I recommend looking into investing into income property. With a 100k investment, there is a likely possibility that your rental income will exceed your mortgage payments and maybe even help pay the property tax as well. The benefits behind this are: interest payments have tax benefits, any work done to the property is deductible, property values tend to grow in the long term, this is essentially a giant piggy bank which other people are throwing their money into. The only cons against this are: real estate market is slowing down right now if not on the downtrend, if the property isn’t rented out you will be paying the mortgage out of pocket, you would have to be responsible for the upkeep of the property.

I actually know of an investment with excellent returns and great stability that’s unaffected by happenings in the economy. It’s low risk but requires a little patience and your money would more or less be tied up for a few years. If you are interested in an alternative investment idea, please feel free to contact me at your leisure.

Steven asks…

How do you invest in the stock market?

I wanna invest in the stock market since the economy is in recovery mode but I’m not sure how to go about in doing so. I’m 19 btw and have about 650 in savings.

John answers:

You need more than $650 to start even a very basic portfolio. My suggestion would be to purchase a well-diversified, no-load mutual fund from your bank. If you expect to have more money to invest, you can add to this mutual fund on a regular basis. Once you have a sizable amount (at least $5,000), you can open an account with a discount brokerage like e-trade or TD.

In the meantime, do a lot of reading of books on investing (for example, books by Peter Lynch; books on Warren Buffet). Since you are quite young, the time is on your side. Good luck.

Carol asks…

How do I invest my savings in the low carbon economy?

Having now got some spare capital (for the first time in my life) I am interested in investing my cash in ways that I feel are ethical, which includes low carbon technologies / renewable energy development. My question is how does one best invest small amount in this way? Cheers.

John answers:

The low carbon economy is still an untested buzz word in the investment world and probably not viable without government subsidies. As a first time investor I would not invest in that concept. Go for established value. That said, here is some food for thought:

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