Your Questions About How To Invest

Sandra asks…

What is the best way to invest $400 a month for retirement?

I have 400$ to save/invest every month. Im almost 33 and have less than 20,000 in a previous 401k. What is the best way to rollover/invest current savings and continously contribute the $400 a month?

John answers:

1. Make sure you have all debts paid off, including any car loans and credit card debt.
2. Don’t forget that paying down a mortgage is a great investment.
3. Don’t forget to max out your 401K at work.

Why do you have a previous 401K?
Call up Charles Schwab or Fidelity Investments and tell them you want to open a roll over IRA.
That old company could go bankrupt someday – and then, where would you be?
Invest in the S&P 500 – the discount broker will tell you how if you are very new at this.
Also open a brokerage account and put the $400 a month into it and buy stocks…

Susan asks…

how much money do you have to invest in shares before you start making money back?

Also what good to invest in and how much money would you make back from them?

John answers:

Hi there !!!

The most you could invest on stocks, the minimum deposit is £20, €30 or $30.

And yes you can make money…but before that I would honestly suggest you to trade the stocks with play money first & then go ahead with real money

Michael asks…

What is the best website to invest in the stock market?

I am looking to invest around 1.5k in stocks. I don’t plan on making too many transactions; my goal is to buy a stock and hold it for a few years.

John answers:

I don’t know if they’re the best or not, but E-Trade allows you invest with a $500 minimum. Most online brokers require a minimum $2000 deposit.

Mary asks…

What could a person invest in at a time when the economy is so unstable?

What would be the best way to safely invest money? What amount would it take to get started and what may have the quickest turn around?

John answers:

Your best bet is to invest in Fixed Income, primarily government issued bonds, or just stick your money into a CD> However even if you are investing into something and it is going down i value you are still owning more shares, so when it finally goes up you will make more money

Ruth asks…

How do you invest in the stock market uk?

I need the basic of the basic stuff here. I don’t even have a clue where to go to invest in stock markets in uk or if you do it on line or over the phone. I just need to know how. I don’t need tips or what i should be investing in. Also what age can you invest in the stock market?

John answers:

Step 1) When you are over 18yrs old, you can open a Share dealing account with either a dedicated stockbroking firm, or do it through your bank……… Personally I prefer Halifax Sharedealing

Step 2) Read the articles at personal finance websites such as “The Motley Fool (UK)” to learn what you’re letting yourself in for….. This one’s a good primer:

Step 3) Research the companies you’re thinking of investing in (again, see “The Motley Fool (UK)” as it’s more beginner friendly… Just use the search box on their website)….. Main tab I concentrate on is the “Forecasts” one, and the column “EPS Grth.” column:
if it’s a minus figure in red it’s not a good sign
if it’s a green figure with a modest figure of 1% – 12% it’s usually promising
if it’s a green figure with an over-optimistic figure like +75% or +125% or +925% avoid it…. These always seem to end up making a big loss on your investment (like a near total wipe-out)
It’s also a good idea to read through the company data under the “Fundamentals” tab + any news about the company.

Step 4) You may want to set-up a “Stock watch list”….. Think you can still create a portfolio at to follow what some shares you’ve researched have been doing lately…. Or you can also do it via a Smartphone app.

Step 5) Practise via Fantasy stockmarket games such as – there’s also one at the Halifax Sharedealing website you can use, but the Bullbearings one is what I’ve used the last several years.

Step 6) Once your Sharedealing account has been set-up, and you’ve researched enough to be confident in knowing what you’re doing, add some funds to your sharedealing account (remembering you’ll also be charged a commission fee for buying & selling)….. I’ve found it’s best to place a chunk of money on 1 company’s shares, rather than making lots of little minimum purchases… Then hang onto them for as long as possible (the more often you buy & sell, the more commission fees you pay… And the more commission fees you pay, the more it eats into your profits, and defeats the point). Every so often you may get paid a “Dividend” (usually no more than 1p to £1 per share)… Reinvest that money into buying more shares, keep on doing so for as long as you can.

Step 7) Read about a guy called “Warren Buffett”…… One of the Top3 richest people in the world, all from investing in Shares (mostly in the USA, but alot of the principles are the same)…. You’ll learn alot about the things you need to be successful at investing in shares (e.g. Look before you leap by researching companies before buying their shares + being patient and hanging onto them for years for bigger profits to build up).

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