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David asks…

Is anyone else taking advantage of high oil and gas prices to make money?

Has anyone else bought Exxon stock or oil and gas ETF’s as a way to get some of your money back from the high prices at the pump?

If not, why are you passing up this great opportunity to get some of your cash back?

John answers:

I’m still trying to find a long line at the gas station…so I can reminisce about the good ole days. I’m like the first answerer, I have index funds.

Lizzie asks…

Should I buy stocks in a medium startup company that I work at?

How should I determine if I should buy stock in my company? I heard that IPO is a great opportunity for employees to obtain large amount of money in the startup company when it goes IPO. How much should the company be making before it can go IPO? Any links or recommendation in this area would be very helpful.


John answers:

As an employee you are the ultimate insider with insider knowledge of how the company is doing. This is a great position to be in. If you believe that the company will stay in business, and has long term viability, then by all means, buy.

You are right, you can make a lot of money by buying stock in a small company. I actually know several people who bought initial stock in Dell Computer and are millionaires. Also several people who made out when they bought stock in a small communications company that was bought out by Cisco. So the opportunities are there.

But, if the company goes belly up, you loose everything.

Mary asks…

How does the stock market work in simplest terms?

I want to invest my money in stocks, but I don’t know how it all works. Please help me. I heard NASDAQ is a great. I know I sound naive but I really need to make some money. Thank you so much. 10 points to best answer and also will give everyone thumbs up. Thanks again.

John answers:

You buy stocks in the hopes that it goes up or down or long or short if you are really lost in the financial world of the stock market i would suggest a professional trader or adviser or really bury your nose in the books. The markets are not meant for someone with limited or no experience here is a couple of websites to start with and

these are the sites i started with when i started trading

Sandy asks…

I’m looking for a great stock-selecting website and/or electronic newsletter?

I’m not a big-time investor, but I’m hoping to understand stock picking and pricing for an upcoming class. I’ve tried using, and and discovered they each have their pros and cons about selecting and valuing stocks. I’m hoping to find a really great website that will provide ALL the essential info.

Can someone out there make an informed recommendation about a great website? Thank you.

John answers:

First, I don’t think it’s wise to get all your information from any single source. You should gather information from a variety of sources, and weigh the information you receive from each.

As to particular sources, I’m a little bit biased, but here are a few:

Michael asks…

Making $7000 in 5 months when your 13

Hello ,

I am Thirteen and i have set a goal to make around $6500 to $7000 by Feb 09. The reason i want to get so much money is because i am a filmmaker and if you are a filmmaker then you know about that list called “Stuff to buy” From film teachers of mine and other info i have come to the conclusion that every filmmaker has one of these lists. My list should be about $6200 so i am shooting for about $6700 to be in the safe zone for tax’s and shipping. So far what i have done is i have started to sell stock footage on a place called “ ™” a website one of my film teachers told me about. i should make about $20 every time someone buys one of my stock footage clips. The good thing is i know it’s not a scam because my teacher that told me about the site is also on there and has mad money off there (once during Class). I was think of setting up a Cafepress™ store but graphic design is my sisters thing mine , is film. i am a homeschool student so i have lot’s of free time on my hands so filming stock footage shouldn’t be a big deal. I own a Canon HV20 ™ and a DIY 35mm adapter i made so i am good on optics for my stock footage. If you where wondering yes a new camera is on my list it’s the RED Scarlet coming out in 2009. I want it for mainly Manual functions , 2/3 CMOS Sensor , manual set iris , and 3x res.

Any extra ideas that could help me on making money would be great.
I think i may want to make Production Dolly’s with my dad and sell them on Ebay. I have a design for a Aluminum Dolly but i have not made one yet so i don’t know how much it would cost to make but the dolly is just bolted together. Also i am making $15 from weekly allowence and i am making $75 from a class at a confrence i am teaching on Stop motion filmmaking.
I am also think about making a couple of 30 foot portable camera Jib’s that can hold a 20 pound camera. I was going to make them for $350 each (My Dad investing) then selling them on Ebay™ as a auction starting at $800 giving me $450+ profit and the $350 to pay my investor (Dad) back.
Also , to any Filmmakers looking at this post do you think a 30 foot Camera Jib in a auction starting at $800 would be a good deal? i want feedback before i ask my investor (Dad) for the $700 to make two jibs (One for me and one to sell).

John answers:

If your jibs are good quality, you might be able to sell them for much more. A client of mine has a jib company, and he paid $15,000 for his jib. Send me some photos, and I might be able to find you some customers.

I wish you luck. You seem to be very ambitious, and I hope you never lose sight of your dreams.

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