Your Questions About Great Money Making Stocks

Laura asks…

i want to be part of group of people who love to make money?

im not the greatest surfer when it comes to finding what i want on the web. but basically i own my own business and its doing really good, so now i have money to play with. i want to be part of a daily group that just loves making money and coming up with new and exciting ways to make money. real people who have knowlege of certain things that i can benifit from. i dont know maybe like a chat room or a forum kind of thing. somewhere i can meet people who made alot of money in stocks or people who make money everyday on the inernet. business owners who had good experience with selling. im not much into anything but making money so i want to meet people like me. any suggestions?

John answers:

There are many places, join facebook or myspace, surf around there are forums but to be honest I have found that most of these have people who brag, want to sell or just want to know how to make money, there are some good groups I am a member of the Social powerlinking group you pay a monthly fee but get some really good info and tips, theres a link below for more info but there are loads of places but not many really good ones. Theres also a blog that reviews these kind of things.

Joseph asks…

Should I be investing in the stock market or just put my money into CDs or savings?

I am 27 and make less than 20,000. Is the stock Market a gamble or an investment now? Will we head to another great depression due to hyperinflation because of a worthless dollar? Do you think Silver will reach $500 an oz? Your advice, views, opinions for young people putting their money in the stock market in hopes of high returns and a chance to retire one day?

John answers:

The longer the time frame, the lower the risk in the stock market. Profits tend to average over time.

There are a number of methods for reducing risk, such as dollar cost averaging and diversification.

Diversifying stocks and bonds stablizes returns and reduces risk as well. Right now I think bonds over the next 5 years are more risky than stocks.

CDs are paying so little you can lose to inflation. Metals have had a huge run up too.

I’m buying stocks with this last opportunity.

Good Luck.

Robert asks…

Why does it seems like the stock market is one big gambling casino?

Human emotions like fear and greed along with a supply of greater fools move markets. In bull markets, the greater fools keep bidding the prices of stocks higher until the supply of fools run out and prices collapse creating a bear market because fear sets in and everybody realizes that the high prices don’t reflect the intrinsic value of the stocks.

So how do you make money in this stock ponzi bubble? Find out which group is in control whether it be bulls or bears and place your money with that group. Timing is everything.

John answers:

Technicals trump fundamentals. If you can understand this then you can gain Edge–something you’ll never find in any gambling casino.

Lizzie asks…

Why are stocks falling in Airtrax INC?

Ok here is a company I brought into to make money. But instead there CFO Watson is spending there money like water 5 vacations this year so far and the year in not over! Lawyer fees to fight the widow of the original owner , and developer of the Airtrax Co. When Pete Amico past away the broad hired this Watson guy to run the place but instead of concentrading on sales and the CSA he’s only spending money like water. I myself as a stock holder feel feel that it’s disgraceful. This Company has a great product of the future and to have someone like Watson running the business is foolish. Get someone in there that can make this Co. a star like Pete Amico wanted it to be. And leave his widow alone.

John answers:

As an individual investor, I understand your frustration.
You may contact the investor relation people and lash out your frustration with them:

You should attend their annual MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS. You should express your view with the others. Currently the individuals are the largest share holder of the company. The financial insitutes are not.

Ruth asks…

How do I make the most money using OneSeason.Com?

Okay, I have heard of people making over $100,000 on the website where you buy stock for athletes called… rather, the athletes are the stock. Good concept and great payouts from what I hear. I just opened an account, but I’d like to get some tips on how I should get started, and also hear testimonials for those who already use it.

John answers:

If you’ve opened an account you are started so speculate as you must on the future performance of an athlete. I’m from Kentucky; beat my thoroughbreds and I’ll listen otherwise shut up. Understand i can maintain a horse at hay and peanuts and sell for stud. What can Derek Jeter do for less than 10 Million?

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