Your Questions About Great Money Making Stocks

Paul asks…

How would I get into stocks and bonds?

I am 20 and going back to college pretty soon and I just wanted to know how I would get into stocks– just to make a little more money here and there.

Any material I should read up on or any advice is great really.Thank you so much

John answers:

Don’t is the best answer, but should be modified. The most important thing you can do is learn EVERYTHING you can about the stock market. Investing your money shouldn’t be done lightly and you should learn EVERYTHING you can about investing before you start buying stocks. This means learning trading strategies, portfolio management strategies, reading the financial times and wall street journal, learning about different trading sites and brokers, learning accounting and financial statement analysis, reading 10ks and 10qs, doing business and sector analysis, learning about economic indicators, options, indices, etc. This is not something you should take lightly, if you want to just make a few bucks then deliver pizzas, if you are not educated on all aspects of finance, you will probably lose more than a few bucks.

If you really want to get into investing in the near future find a financial advisor who can help you formulate a strategy that works for you. However, make sure you know the basics before you even meet with the advisor so you can ask intelligible questions.

Laura asks…

Could I become a millionaire reletively quickly by compound investing penny stocks?

I know that penny stocks, those that are on the AIM,. are sometimes great in terms of performance and growth on your capital. Sometimes they can go up (or down!) several hundred percent a day. If say I had £1,000 to invest, and got onto the AIM market onto penny stocks, and found really great deals that make, say, my money increase by 500%, and I managed to get 1 of these deals every 6 months and it worked out every time at 500% stock increase. Starting as soon as I turned 18, could I grow my money as follows:

0-6 months; £1,000-£5,000

6-12 months; £5,000-£25,000

12-18 months; £25,000-£125,000

18-24 months; £625,000

24-30 months; £3,125,000 = millionaire by age 20 1/2

Would this be piossible to do and has anybody in history ever done something like this using the power of compounding money using penny stocks? Please give a good answer to earn best, best answer.

John answers:

Hey. If luck is on your side. Anything is possible. Just never give up and belive in your self. One thing. Never let anybody bring your hopes down.

Sandra asks…

What are good penny stocks for short to mid range?

I have about $500 and looking to make some money but I can’t find any good penny stocks that seem to be worth it. I am looking for something about less than $10 a share under $6 would be great! I have recently bought some more Citi and Gigm but I want something that will give me a good profit! Thanks!!!!

John answers:

By definition, penny stocks are stocks priced under $5/share that are NOT listed on the major exchanges

no such thing as “good” penny stocks and you are much more likely to lose money with them than make money – they are extremely risky, could be price manipulated by insiders, and the companies are usually losing massive amounts of money, so it would be stupid to invest in them, plus may be hard to sell at the price you want – especially if too many shares are trying to be sold at once (and penny stock trading volumes are a fraction of what bigger companies are) and the price could plunge and your potential gain could turn into a loss by the time all your shares are sold – anyone who claims to actually make money on a regular basis is either extremely lucky, a liar or a paid shill

Richard asks…

Does trading in the stock market pay well?

I understand that it is not an overnight process and can take months and years to happen….

my question is though…

Is it possible to make alot of money in stock trading,

and if so, how does one get started in buying stocks..

I am 19 years old, do not make a great wage. and am just looking to start it as a hobby.

any imformation and help is appreciated

John answers:

Somebody always makes money in stock market trading. The only problem is that usually it’s not the same person who makes money every time.

One time you win and somebody else looses on the opposite side of your trade. But next time it might be you who looses and someone else wins.

Especially when you are inexperienced, you are more likely to loose money in stock market trading than to make money. Which means that you shouldn’t start trading with real money in the stock market unless you can loose your trading money without causing major problems in your life.

Stock trading is a little bit like gambling. It’s possible to make money. But it’s even more possible to loose money. And you need to do a lot of practice trading with virtual money in order to get some experience. Or else you will loose your trading money.

Here is one website where you can try your hand at trading in the stock market with virtual money.

Charles asks…

Best way to buy and sell stocks online?

which website should i use. I’m not going to be making that many trades, and I’m not dealing with a great deal of money, Which website will be the cheapest to use if I want to invest in 4 to 6 stocks for around a year, but probably less then the year.

John answers:

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