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Lisa asks…

Are Liberals making money in the stock market?

I am just wondering if Liberals made money under gwb’s stock market, or just Obama?
Obama inherited $30 dollar oil from gwb, but why is oil trading at $92 bucks under Obama?
Obama inherited $1.2 unleaded gas in 2009, but why is it well over $3 bucks under Obama?
Why did Liberals on cnbc claim our economy would go in a recession with $100 oil under GWB, but these same people are claiming $92 oil under Obama is great?

The markets plunged under 7,000 because investors priced in a victory for Obama.(fact)

The markets rebounded during the 1st quarter of 2009, because investors speculated a victory for republicans during the mid terms, plus the sec went back to mark to model accounting.(fact)
Jack, why was it ok for liberals to blame gwb on oil and gas prices???
Why don’t libs say anything when libs put a tax on cigs and gas during 2010?

Some of you libs do not have the brain capacity to understand why and when the sec changed accounting rule 157, in addition, the uptick rule…

I brought that up several times.
Go google it yourself, because facts scare libs to death!
Suzee, how much money did you invest and what is the x amount of “paper capital gains” are you up?
Sweety Erin,

You are just a buy and bag hold investor that probably has a mutual fund….
Please do not letture me on the market….

John answers:

Yes they are, but they will only tax the working middle class for their agenda.

Carol asks…

In school we are playing a stock market game. We have to put money on stocks that we want. But its not real?

money. But it is using to days real stock market and all.. So i wanted to know what will make me gain money ? The student who gets the most money throughout the marking period gets a good grade and something else. and i want my team to win ! ha ha. So any pointers from people who are like really into the stock exchange would be great ! Oh yeah and we need to come up with a name for our group. I cant come up with one. Something sophisticated and something that sounds important. lol. Any suggestions ? Thanks alot =]

John answers:

Food, People cannot afford to eat out. Most young people cannot cook so they resort to prepackaged meals. So Kellogg’s, Kraft, Campbell Soup, Hormel

Richard asks…

Has any one made any money from Oil & Energy Investment Report and would you recommend it or do you subscribe?

Do you have a Consumer stock adviser magazine that does make great choices that make you money personally?? Honest input greatley appreciated!!

John answers:

I took two years and experimented in religiously reading WSJ, IBD, your OEIR, and other investment magazines and newsletters, and followed their choices. I didn’t get better than 40% being right and I find that as poor performance. Now we are inundated with not only the print media but also online investment advices.
I don’t recommend reading an advise magazine and then doing what they tell you to do. I advice in learning how to trade and making your own decisions.

Betty asks…

I live in a very small town and I would like to know how to make money as a photographer. I have stock images?

I have stock images on some sites. I belong to CafePress, but the money is not great. There are a few photographers in the area that have the wedding and potrait market saturated. Can anyone think of any other way . Something that would be a great niche in a very very small town?

John answers:

Its easy to think that a market is saturated and that you only live in a small town, no one buys art these days specailly in small towns and all those sorts of thought. This is just a view point.

I like the line “its not your photographic skills which will make you the big money, its the marketing of those skills where the big money is made.” But you know if your skills aren’t there no one will buy your product no matter how well its marketed.

I also like the line “hard work and long hours will not make you rich”. I’ve worked 60-70 hours a week every week sometimes 100 hours working 15-16hours 7days a week and do you know something, it does work! But it doesnt give you a good balance and a happy life.

I’ve found personally, In order to do something we want to do we often need to do something we don’t want to do first. The universe is not always going to make it easy for us because we are nice people.

You clearly have skills as otherwise you wouldnt be selling stock images. You also said that your town is small and that the portrait and wedding market in your town is flooded but for most photographers this is one area where there is easy money to be made. Which then funds other things.

What I’m thinking is more likely is that you dont really want to do that sort of baby pictures, kids schools, portrait and wedding sort of work And thats ok, but if you need the money you may have to do that in order to do something else later.

I dont know what you money you have, or areas of photography you most skilled with but my suggestions might be to consider the following

aerial photography of peoples homes and business from a light aircraft its not that hard or expensive to hire and printing 10×8 of houses then getting several door to door sales man working for you is a good earner. You can even get a giant pole for about £2500 which you errect and take images from great for building sites and house sales.

Other thoughts are teaming up with printers, a web designers/ IT guy, a designer, marketing man and salesmen. Lots of companies want better websites with good photos. Which then can be put into print. It will also give you a good portfollio to build on commercail sales.

Publishers are also worth approaching.

The vitual view imaging is quite new on the market but seems to be taking off quite well. Thats where you use a standard camera and a virtual view software to create a full 360 degree of a property, hotel, event or so on which is then turned into a flash play and put on the web. I have work from a guy who does them for hotels.

If you do team up with some others its worth looking at your local business directory and then looking at their websites to see if you could promote sales of photography that way. Its surprising how many people are pleased when you offer to take images of their products for them.

The web is great as it opens up so many doors and boundaries are nothing on the web. I have people courier goods 200 miles to be photographed in my studio.

Other things come back to work you might not want like the horse and car shows, local events. I have an IT guy who puts images up online for me of local events. All I do is turn up with a camera and a hi-viz vest with the website and events photographer written on it. I’ve had one guy say to me I didnt realise someone had booked me then stand me in the best spot for a motor cross racing event. No one booked me I just turned up. Made a lot of money.

It all comes down to having the right people arround you and being able to produce the goods.

If you dont have the equipment, skill or money to train and buy the stuff you need it may be worth considering doing a few weddings just to give you a decent set of lights and a couple of bits of software. No decent photographer can be without a good studio lighting set up even if you dont own your own studio which if you need studio space for an afternoon its worth asking the local church halls

James asks…

How much money can you make buying + selling stocks in this situation?

I have a friend who seems to be a lot more wealthy than he ought to be. He is 26 and has been working as a mechanical engineer at an aeronautics company for about 2 years. He only has a bachelors degree and I’m not sure what he was doing between college and this job, but I assume it couldn’t have been that great. Furthermore, he says that he’s getting the shaft salary-wise.

So, i’m interested in how he seems to be doing very well for himself. Last year, he purchased his own 3-bdrm 2-story colonial home in a nice neighborhood, filled it with really nice stuff (eg. 60″ plasma tv), and recently purchased a $50,000 sports car to drive around in the summer, since he was tired of his old BMW. Btw, he has another car (an SUV) as well.

I know that he buys and sells stocks, but can he really be making that much of a killing doing that?
I forgot to mention: He did NOT take out a loan for that car and he is not in any debt, other than his mortgage.

John answers:

If he’s realized that the control theory and transform functions he learned in engineering also applied to economics then he could do very well. Those equations are what the Army Corp of Engineers implemented in post WWII Germany to effect it’s economic recovery, the public knows it as the Marshall plan but it was done as a control theory design project just as one would design a chemical plant. Even the politics and houses of government were included in the control flow diagram and the resulting transform equations.

There are many engineering principles that actually can apply to finances that few people realize do. The information theory fostered by Claude Shannon of MIT and Bell labs are what investors like Ed Thorp use, of course Thorp started off as a math professor at MIT, then took the equations to Vegas starting the Blackjack card counting craze and took the proceeds to WallStreet to form Princeton Newport Partners starting the hedge fund craze, in the 90’s Thorp’s net worth was 30 billion which isn’t bad for a former math professor. It’s suspected that Warren Buffet employs many of the techniques that Thorp developed, Buffet has been known to recommend Thorp as a financial manager to his relatives.

Of course a lot of engineering practices like spectral analysis are dead ends, my professors did intensive spectral analysis of the stock market with some of the early spectral analyzers and only determined that there were more underlying contributing factors than they could identify and hence the analysis indicated complete randomness. Having used that particular machine in a lab, I’m not surprised, it was incredibly primitive by today’s standards though sophisticated in technique. This doesn’t mean the results were incorrect but are rather analogous to the result of 1=1 or 0=0 when doing a word problem.

MatLab now has a financial version of their product to help facilitate applying such equations to finance and they have started to teach Financial Engineering as a discipline.

An Engineer only achieves great success by realizing that the fundamental principle of engineering, that of applying math and science to achieve your goals apply to every aspect of your life. Too many of us focus our skills and knowledge solely on our careers for far too long, perhaps your friend is one of those that came to such a realization early.

It doesn’t take a high paying job to be successful. The central character in “Take Your Money and Run” by Alex Doulis made his millions from a relatively modest accounting career that didn’t reach six figures till quite close to retirement. Buying a car on a loan is probably one of the worse financial decisions one can make other than having a girlfriend who wants you to buy her a car. I would think that those ostentatious displays of wealth are more likely to be indicative of underlying money management problems then they are of his success.

I can attest to the fact that achieving a salary in excess of six figures early, simply makes it easier to get into financial difficulties.

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