Your Questions About Great Money Making Stocks

Susan asks…

How to make money online?

Well I’m studying marketing in school, I want to make money like on stocks and online investments..know any great websites so I can turn my $2,000 to 4,6,8,10k and so forth? Any advice? I go to full time in college and work as a server right after school so at night I can dedicate in making money. I’m 19 btw

John answers:

Making money falls into (3) Categories:

Category 1: Buying Something for X and Reselling it for Y.

Category 2: Making Something for X and Reselling it for Y.

Category 3: Providing a Service for X


It doesn’t matter if its on the internet, in a store front, or slinging crack on the street corner, whatever you do to make money has to fall into one of those categories. The question is, which one are you eyeballing? Category (1) Mandates that you have money so that you can make money. Category 2 typically requires money, because you need raw materials to make something. Although if you are so lucky to be sitting on top of freely acquired materials, enjoy the free money. Cat3 just all depends on the business.

In any case, there isn’t any easy answer to this question. In short, you gotta work for your money and you typically need money to make money.

Sharon asks…

Some great ways to make money on the i-net?

Check out this site
This company will be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Follow the steps and read the “How it works” link. I cannot find any reason not to become a member? You get paid for using the net. Any feedback would be greatly apreciated!

John answers:

Get paid for your opinions!

By joining, you can participate in online surveys that help to evaluate new and established consumer products, advertising, and pre-released movies and music. Best of all, GlobalTestMarket membership is absolutely free.

How It Works…

——-Complete the registration
——–Wait for surveys to arrive in your email

By taking surveys and accumulating MarketPoints, GlobalTestMarket’s online currency, you will be compensated with a check in your local currency. 1000 points (approximately 10-15 short surveys) can be redeemed for the equivalent US $50 dollars.

Steven asks…

Whats the end goal of stocks?

And dont say “profit” I have made a lot of money this year off of stock trading. Im pretty good at telling when a stock will go up or will go down. The only thing i dont get is what the basis for stocks are. i understand the initial investment, the money goes to the company, right? but then when it goes higher and higher, the money goes to the investors selling and the company doesnt get any extra money from the stocks? i understand its a good idea to invest in a company that pays dividends. but what about stocks that dont?
its hard to explain what i mean
for instance, lets say i invented a stock and called it “bulls”. people invest all of the money into me. then i say hey guys this is a great stock. so people keep selling at better prices, and people buy it because they here its good. and the prices keep climbing and climbing. what is the point?
like if a company is doing absolutely horrible and losing all of their money, but people are still willing to buy the stock, the price will rise. so why is it that people buy stocks when a company is doing good?
another way to explain what i mean….what if i created my own version of citibank stock? if i just told people to give me money and if citibank did good that people would buy it off of them for a better price….in other words, just gambling on whether or not the company will do good? like i here general motors is a worthless stock. one day i bought it and it went up 35 percent and i sold it. and i got the money for it. how can a stock be worthless if im making real money off of it?
what is the end goal of investing, or is it just “hey i think this company will do good and if they do, u owe me money
Ok the people that said profit clearly didnt understand my question at all. You should have read the dont say profit part again. i KNOW that its for profit. thats why i do it.
but my point is…the reason basketball players make money is because people pay for the entertainment. banks give you good rates on CD’s because youre lending them money that they can use to lend to other people for a better rate. currencies go down and up with an economy. what is the basis of stock? the company gets the initial money to work with. but after that when you buy a stock youre buying it from a person. so basically then its a 100% gamble on whether or not people feel like liking a stock?

John answers:

Originally for business growth but lately its about ripping off investors

the business borrows money to expand and hopefully its expansion will make a profit, in a few years

Mark asks…

I need to make some fast money before my wedding July 7th. Can anyone give me a “great” stock tip?

John answers:

Ok now for a REAL answer without spam.

You have less than two months and wanting to make fast money is a good way to LOSE money. My advice is put it with an online bank such as or they pay a nice monthly dividend and because its FDIC insured, you will NOT lose what you put in (unless its over 100k)

Mary asks…

Does anyone on y answers make money online?

If you make money online great that’s my goal but the question is. Do you or have you ever thought of investing some of that money in the stocks if you have could you tell me what your life is like is it a good strategy into becoming wealthy? And maybe if your making 5k or more do you like the idea of investing in poker only let’s say 500$ to 1k?
I agree fig but where I don’t agree is you can make money online with affiliate marketing and google adsence I know this I’m trying to achieve at least 4-5k a month that is a starting point the question was what do you think about investing that money into stocks and from what you said real estate sounds like another good thing to invest in but overall Is this a good strategy the poker part was mainly take 5-10% out of my earnings just to test my luck 50% into stocks and the rest for various things bills n such of course I would have my day job.

John answers:

I make pretty good money investing in stocks, businesses and real-estate. The value of these investments fluctuate (and sometimes it’s very gut wrenching). Overall, however, I’ve made pretty good money, even through a recession.

Unless you have significant capital or other resources it’s not very likely you’ll earn significant money online. I’m a software developer and I have a friend that started a business generating applications for mobile devices. His small company makes a small fortune now. The startup costs for that business was roughly 150k (which is pretty cheap… Most of that was to cover salaries in the first few months). He was already a skilled engineer/developer before taking this risk. He also had really good friends that were clever at marketing. The business is generating over 1 million in revenue with 6 full time employees.

There’s no silver bullet. Online gambling is a rip-off. If you think you can make money gambling online at unregulated online casinos you’re just begging to get ripped off. All of the other “opportunities” advertised on the web are also a rip-off. There’s no shortcut. If you want to make big money you need to have skills, talent and a willingness to work hard and take risks.


You will have to figure out how to drive a ton of internet traffic to your site to generate 4 or 5k a month. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s extremely difficult to generate that much income with affiliate marketing and google adsense unless you have an amazing site with awesome content that is getting really good attention through mainstream media.

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