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James asks…

Could inflation be used to make the economy appear better than it really is?

The government wants us to believe the economy is roaring back to life, we’re all on a big spending spree of confidence and we all have money to burn. Happy days are here again!

Would the government use inflation created by their owners at the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank cartel creating money from thin air, backed with nothing, at interest and diluting the money supply to make the stock market and economy appear like things are just great?

Couldn’t government use inflation as a tool to make domestic spending appear better than it really is, particularly when you were able to include or exclude things like food and fuel to get the numbers to produce the desired results needed for public consumption?

John answers:


Manipulation like the unemployment (U3) number — a decrease in the reported unemployment percentage, despite workers falling out due to discouragement or the end of their 99 weeks — and media ignorance of the decrease in the absolute number of jobs in existence. Shameful.

Sharon asks…

Which one of these stocks would you invest in and why?

Ok, so I’ve been beating myself over the head about being too scared to invest money in certain stocks that bottomed out between a few weeks and a few months ago. It was fairly clear, with the government intervention, that they were bound to go up. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and put money on Citibank but there are others that are looking good.

Citibank has had a lifetime high of ~$54 with a recent low of $097. It’s now at ~3.50. Earnings on Friday I bet will be good as the first 2 months of the year have been profitable.

AIG is at ~$1.25 with a lifetime high of over $100! Its low recently was like ~$0.33. Imagine if that stock reached even just $15 in the fairly near future!

Fanny Mae, etc, (FNM, FRE) are now around $0.80 with a lifetime high of ~$85 and a recent low of $0.33.

AIG and FNM/FRE in particular are so far below their lifetime highs that even if they were to fall way short of reaching those peaks again, they seem to have such great potential of making investors (fairly) rich.
But which one of the listed companies is bound to actually move much higher?
“Fairly near future” meaning 5 years or less.

John answers:

Citibank…the rest owe uncle sam tons more money than citi.

Jenny asks…

were can I…………..?

ok, can you tell me were to buy stock in oil companies that make great money? Can u also give me there broker site
when I say make money I mean have great numbers

John answers:


Allot of people have the same problem as you are experiencing, a good amount of money but don’t know where to place it.

I have to confess I was also one of those people.
Until I actively started searching for a good investment opportunity.

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I hope this answer has helped you out.

Mandy asks…

I want to invest in a stock but no NOTHING! help!?

Okay I am only 21 years old and my boyfriend is 21 as well. We live together in an apartment, and times are hard because only he has a job right now. He makes great money, but not enough to support both of us. I heard investing in stocks is a get rich type of thing, and im interested in learning more. I dont really even know what a stock is lol, but like how much do you have to pay? Can I invest like 20 dollars? And how does it work? Do I get money for it? Or do I have to sell it later on to get money? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

John answers:


The RIchest Man in Babylon.

Easy one day read, will change your whole money-life, if you are open to it.

Forget about using stocks as get rich quick. But start learning about money management while you have time to do so, as well as anything else you can learn. The best investments you can make will be in your own education. One book at a time.

Daniel asks…

why does Walmart (WMT) stock suck so bad?

Such a great co, makes tons of money, yet the stock just keeps sinking. Makes no sense. I bought in at 51 and am in for the long run, not selling, but this makes no sense.

John answers:

Walmart is a great company and every time I go to Walmart it is packed to the max with people and employees. I always shop there for food and cloths. I agree with These other guys.

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