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William asks…

Wasn’t Calvin Coolidge the greatest President in American History?

Some of you may not even know he was even a President, and most of you probably only have a vague idea of his policies from History class. However, he was President during an extraordinary, technological revolution that drove the US economy to incredible heights, the largest economic boom in US History. Americans were living the good life and reaping the economic benefits of the “Roaring Twenties.” The stock market was high, everyone had a good job making great money, and was becoming wealthy. However, today no one attributes the economic growth of the 1920s to Calvin Coolidge. Most experts say this was just part of an econmic cycle. In fact, the same exact economic pattern occurred 70 years later during another technological revolution. Why then do many people attribute the economic boom on the 1990s to Bill Clinton? Do you think in 60 years Americans will still feel the same way about Clinton, or will people in their 20s then, only have a vague idea Clinton was even a US President?
Is everyone missing the point of my question? Only a couple of people seem to get it.

Smartass you are correct Coolidge’s administration was mired by scandal and corruption; and yes not every one shared in the wealth generated during the 20s. However, for the first time many average Americans gained much wealth through the stock market. Does this sound at all familiar? And when Coolidge ran for election (his first term came when Harding died in office), he easily won. Does this also sound familiar to you?
Studbolt Slickrock, LMAO, that’s pretty good!!
Jim W. will you at least try and learn, and attempt to end your ignorance? I guess you won’t. Is the only thing you can do when confronted with facts and logic is make irrational statements?

When I make statements I ALWAYS supply facts to back them up. All you ever do is spout the same nonsense over and over. If you actually read my statements, and checked my sources you would know this. Stop your Clinton worship. He was a horrible President. I am not saying Bush is much better, but Clinton was just God awful.
Jim W:
Fact, for six of eight years of Clinton’s Presidency we had a Republican controlled Congress that stopped his tax and spend ways. Clinton demonstrated this inclination during his first two years.
Fact, the way our System of government works is the President purposes a budget, the Congress makes changes to it, approves it, and the President signs it. The Congress is just as much responsible for the 2000 balanced Budget as Clinton, in fact probably more so, since Congress has discretion to change or reduce spending allocations.
Fact, there was a technological revolution that happened to occur while Clinton was President that created an economic boom. Clinton had absolutely nothing to do with the economic success of the late 1990s. Can YOU site specify economic legistration that Clinton proposed, or policy he enacted to created the economic success of the late 1990s? I guess not since you have never done this.
So Jimmy boy, I challenge you YET AGAIN, prove me wrong. Supply some facts to disprove my statements. What’s that, oh you can’t? That figures.

BTW, you are a hypocrite. Why do you send me racist emails, and have an unregistered email address, so I cannot respond to you? You have stated so many times how Conservatives don’t publish links to their email addresses, like you do!

Ha, what a liar you are, all you have is a link to a dead email address!

Lastly, I did not report you genius, since you are so interested in my questions, why don’t you try reading my third to last. If you can manage it, read the whole thing!!

John answers:

Those who think Clinton was a good president because the economy did well while he was in office should be trying to get Coolidge on Mt. Rushmore.

Charles asks…

Could I make a very handsome living spread betting stocks if I had £50,000 to trade with?

I am an investor in the stock market building up additional capital for the future, and I am also practicing spread betting stocks and other various products, but mainly stocks.

I’ve calculated that you can make a lot of money per day on a balance of £50,000 in a spread betting account, even applying strict risk management. What I have found out is that you can make several thousand pounds per day or so on a balance of £50,000.

What I would like to know is if it would be possible to make a great living spread betting stocks, say, £1,000/day+ or so on a balance of £50,000? Does anyone out there on yahoo answers currently make a living as such using spread betting?

John answers:

Spread betting is gambling. On the plus side, your earnings are not subject to capital gains since they are not investment income. On the minus side, mostly spread betters are counting on past stock performance to predict future performance with regard to price movement. In times like these the past is not a very good predictor; too many exceptions and government interference. I don’t think anybody could make a dependable living but that’s just an opinion. I was a day trader for several years and never met anyone spread betting with consistent success.

Ken asks…

I’m 22 years old, making 55K a year. What should I do with my money?

Also, I’m still living with my parents for now, so my expenses are minimal to none. This is a great time to save money, I’m just not sure where to put it (by the way, I work in accounting).

I already built up an emergency cash reserve sitting in the bank collecting 1% interest, so I’m ready to invest future earnings. Where should I put it?

I can’t decided how much cash I should be allocating to instruments like a 401k, Roth IRA, Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, CDs, single stocks and/or EFTs. What is the right way to allocate my cash and how do I not get killed by taxes on my capital gains????

John answers:

(Limits depend on your expenses & how much you can save)
Contribute to 401K & make extra cash from employer’s share. Max is 16.5 K for 2009 for stability, put it in cash equivalent fund, till the market recovers.
Roth IRA also is a good vehicle.
I wouldn’t suggest Mutual Funds, Bond Funds, CDs.
For single stocks, ETFs, I would suggest get trained in virtual trading (eg: then go with regular trading account.

Jenny asks…

Who makes more money? Successful Stock Market Broker or a Porfessional Trader?

Hey, I’m a high school student and I’m interested in making a path with one of these two careers.
I have great knowledge of the stock markets, but have a question.

Who makes more money:
Successful Stock Market Broker
Successful Professional Stock Trader
I know that Traders get a salary, and a broker’s get commission and all that, but which one is better in terms of salary, and something you prefer.

10 points for the best answer! Thanks 🙂

John answers:

There are no records available as to who makes what. No sales rep or trader wants the “street” to know what they make and no firm wants others to know what their sales reps nor traders make.

Not all traders make a salary – they usually work on the profits they make but they also share in the losses they may have. Stock brokers employed by banks are salaried and do not share in the commissions but the do receive a bonus if they meet certain goals set by the firm,

I know several stock brokers that make and have been making at least a million a year, and I know some that just about make a living.
At the same time I have known traders that can easily make a million dollars, one of my traders would leave the LME for a week come here in the US and would easily pick up 1/4 of million on the MERC

A trader can always be a sales person, but not many sales people can be traders. Which is better depends on the motivation, ambition or intelligence of the individual. Not all people can be traders and not all people can be sales reps

Good luck on your journey, stay in school, study hard and you can be whatever you want to be.

Sandra asks…

How can I make some money online?

I am a student athlete and have no time for a job in college. I just want to make some money online in an safe way. I don’t want any of those scams, but if I could make just a little money that’d be great. I am a finance major and I am really interested in stocks, but I can’t invest if I have no money… Also if you know of any good small cap/ penny stocks thatd be great!

Much appreciated

John answers:

If you expect to make money as a penny stock newbie, you need to study harder in your Finance courses.

It’s the worst possible place for a new investor to start, and even worse if your only plan is to follow a stranger’s recommendation.

– Poor liquidity
– Wide bid/ask spreads
– Little or no information to analyze
– No coverage by professional analysts
– Penny stock web sites are all pump and dump scams

You need a part time job. Ask your coach if they need someone to clean the gym.

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