Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

George asks…

What is a good site that could teach me the tricks of making money with the stock market?

Something I could do all from my computer.

John answers:

First, no tricks. The market is like a organism that constantly changes, reacts differently to the same news depending on its mood, and if it were just about tricks, then everyone with a computer would be insanely rich.

The only way to make money in the stock market is thru self education, incredible determination and willingness to get your butt kicked trading real money. Paper trading is fine for a short term introduction, but ultimately, the stock market and success in it is about your own psyche, and you will only truly understand your strengths and weaknesses once you have real money on the line. It’s easy to say you would hold onto a sinking investment when its on paper, its quite different when its your real hard money on the line.

Get some education, read some books, sites, etc. Find a strategy that suits your personality so it feels natural, i.e. Swing trader, fundamental trader, chartist. Than start using real money, even a small amount to start with that you are willing to lose to learn. It may take you months or even a few years to gain mastery if you are truly commited. But you will not succeed if you approach it as a casual hobby.

It is very, very rewarding, but only after you experience all sorts of losses and inconsistency.

Paul asks…

Does someone know of good Stocks?

I am a senior in HighSchool and we are playing aStock Game… I was wondering if anyone new of a couple of companies/ coorparations whos stock is rapid to increase… I know that most stocks make money over months but we only have 8 weeks..any suggestions?

John answers:

I’m a position trader and I don’t recommend these type of games before their insane and unrealistic. But I’m willing to give you a few that should be profitable at least within the next 2 to 4 weeks. The market isn’t guaranteed. But a few of these stocks may shoot through.


Be weary of LRCX though because that one can be huge if it moves the “right” way but it has the possibility to sink if it goes under 43.95.

Thomas asks…

How to make money by short selling stocks? Which are the good brokerage sites for that?

John answers:

There are really no “better sites” for that. Just pick one of the big names like ameritrade or scottrade. As far as making money, when you short a stock you are betting that the value of the stock will decrease over time. So if you think company x is going to do poorly and you short(sell) them at 10 dollars a share and then later buy them back at 5 dollars a share you will have made 5 dollars a share minus trading costs.

Helen asks…

is it easy to make money in investing in stocks?

can i make some good money in investing in stocks im 19 and im thinkin of duin it to make some cash but i first neeed to know if its a reasnable thing to try any info oon where to start or wat would be a good place to investin would be great

John answers:

No, it’s not. You shouldn’t invest in stocks unless you can afford to lose the money. I know of investment clubs where people meet, talk about different stocks and discuss strategy; suggest you do something like this to get your feet wet.
Also, the stock market is in pretty bad shape these days; I believe with the new president coming on board it will improve but it will take time – so if you need your assets liquid, the stock market isn’t the thing for you because if there’s a recession you need to be able to sit back and wait (possibly for years) for the situation to improve.

Lisa asks…

Whats a really good stock that wil make me money in a hosrt amount of time.?

I am playing a stock market game at school and my team is in dead last place. I was lookin for a stock tha will quickly make us money on teh next week or two.

John answers:

Try and do your own research

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