Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Susan asks…

Is buying stock a good way to invest money?

I got a dead-end job and I plan on moving up in the world. So I was wondering if buying stock would be a good idea? I heard that it’s kinda tricky or difficult to actually make money out stock. How would I go about this? I have no idea what I’m doing, how to go about things, where to go, what to do etc. So can somebody help me?

John answers:

Randomly buying stock won’t help you move up in the world. If you only have money to make some small investments, I would stay out of the market.
Some less risky options are going into Corporate bonds, CD’s, and Mutual Funds. Mutual funds may be the best option for you because you will be able to own part of a professionally managed portfolio that is already diversified.

John asks…

what are some good penny stocks to invest in or a good way to make money online?

i dont mean making 20k in a month but at least a 100 dollars a month like something possible and a good site to began from.

John answers:

If you are looking for steady returns and are OK with selling your chance to make a lot of money from surprise appreciation in a particular stock price, you can buy an good blue chip stock, or maybe take a long position on bullion, and write covered calls with that. These take you out of the realm of the risky penny stock, and puts you into a solid investment position that returns money every contract cycle. But listen close – most people buy stocks with the idea that they will appreciate, and you will benefit from that. But if the asset you are writing the covered call against hits strike price, it will not matter if it goes higher to you, because your strike price is all that you are going to get for that. You would have to repurchase the stock at the going price to keep the cycle going for the next contract. That or buy a new stock to sell calls against.

Mark asks…

If somebody is good at making money in the stock market – what job Suggestion?

I know a lot about the markets and trade stocks privately. What job suggestions do you guys have if I want to trade stocks for a company?? Even if I don’t have a college degree…you don’t need that to be able to know how the markets work in my opinion….so, what would be the best job, to actually trade stocks and make money for the company you work for? would that be financial advisor, analyst, etc..?? thank you
I am just trading for myself…but working for a company, trading Millions of $ and getting your bonuses and so on, thats just a different league money wise… 10% is 10% but in my world and in the multi million $ world, thats a big difference… Ground breaking advice Michel? Well, there is none, no short cuts, no nothing. You have to have the feel for the markets, if you do, then you have your base…combined with lots of experience over the years, thats all you need..its a game, and every boom, crisis, event seem to be new and different, but at the end of the day, it happened before just slightly different BUT, the markets react always the same…right now we have the best example for that…in the end, its about if you can make money or not, not what degrees you have..

John answers:

Without any sort of college degree it may be tough to find work in the financial sector as generally companies place a high importance on credentials and certifications. However if you are as skilled as you claim to be I would recommend applying wherever possible. With direct knowledge and expertise of the market you are probably more suited to a job in market analysis, and possibly portfolio management in the future. However both positions are quite high among ranks in the workplace and would take both time and proven results to reach such a level. Best of luck ! As a student of the market myself, I’d be interested to hear if you have any ground breaking advice or tips for me as well.

Sandra asks…

Is investing in penny stocks a good way to make some extra money?

Good morning. I am a college student and I am taking on 19 credits this semester. I work at Walmart part time but I am looking at quitting in a few weeks to focus on my education this semester since I have a lot of work to do. I have some money in different stocks that I am sitting on but I remember watching my friend in high school make hundreds of dollars through penny stocks on Scottrade. I am thinking about getting into penny stocks to make some extra money while going to school this semester. Is penny stocks a good way to make some extra money?

John answers:

I doubt that your friend really made money trading penny stocks though he certainly told you he did.

Penny stocks are an impossible way to make money. First, most companies underlying penny stocks have no substance at all. They will never make money and being the owner of a company that will never make money is just not a way of reliably making money. Second, the entire universe of penny stocks is filled with scams – pump-and-dump schemes, worthless shell companies that aren’t even trying to make money, fraudulent financials, etc.. You have to be pretty experienced to steer clear of these. Your chances of learning to do that while you concentrate on your studies is small. Third, there is this nasty liquidity problem in penny stocks that they are easy to buy and difficult to sell. You can make paper gains that are impossible to realize because nobody wants to buy your position.

I suggest that you concentrate on your studies in college and when you are done concentrate on trading real stocks with real earnings.

Thomas asks…

Is etrade good for making money?

If I were to make an etrade account, could I get money onto it from my prepaid visa card? Also, could I start with $10 and slowly buy stocks and work my way up, would I be able to do that? If I made alot of money on etrade could I take it out as cash?

John answers:

$10 wouldnt even pay for the transaction charge that you have to pay every time you buy and sell, its 12.99 a transaction. You can open an account and get a debit card for the money in your account that is not invested. You could become very rich or lose it all, good luck

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