Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

James asks…

good money making?

with how America is today, what is the best way to make money besides a good career?

John answers:

You should learn to trade the stock market. Many professional traders can make 2 to 3 did-git returns on their money year after year.
All you have to do is learn a few simple rules and develop a system.
This site will teach you a lot and help you develop your own system.

Donald asks…

how do they make money out of stocks?

I’ve been looking at stocks and shares trading and I would like to start on the process. However I still have some doubts that don’t seem fully clear. For stocks and shares, you buy it and then you sell it at a higher price and you make money that way. What if you don’t sell it, do you get some money from the company for holding onto that piece of the company?

John answers:

No you do not, if you hold on to the stock you are hoping that the price will eventually increase. Making money on stocks usually occurs when you sell a stock at a higher price consistently or you hold a stock while the value continues to increase, almost like holding an Apple stock for the past few years.

Maria asks…

Will i make money with this stock?

ok so ive been keeping eye on this stock and im wondering if it will be a good to invest $5,000 on this stock that goes from 0.03 to 0.05 or even more every othed day. the volume is more than one milllion. market cap-7.58. eps(-0.00). would i make money? i plan to use scottstrade online. thanks best answer i can email you the stock symbol if you want.

John answers:

Using an online stock trading site to day trade penny stocks is a bad idea. Typically penny stocks are a bad idea in general. The people making money on this are far more experienced and have better trading tools than you.

How do I know this? I tried it and lost. People continually told me it probably wouldn’t work but I thought it was too good to pass up. I thought I knew what I was doing. I had to at least try it. My situation sounds almost exactly like yours. I tried to buy a stock at .03 but it wouldn’t let me buy. I tried and tried to buy it until finally I decided to check the box that says buy at market price. It immediately bought at .05. I was pretty upset and I just wanted to try to get out with even money (minus the commission). However, my troubles continued in a similar way as when I tried to sell. With no luck selling over a few weeks I again check that box, sell at market price. It immediately sold at .03 and I instantly lost 40% of my money. Fortunately it was a relatively small amount, but still, a 40% loss, are you kidding me!

Anyways, please learn from my mistake as I have and just stay away from penny stocks. Some people somewhere are making money on this but it won’t be me or you on scottstrade. If you are going to invest, invest in a company because you believe it is a good company, not because of past history and patterns you think you have figured out.

George asks…

Why is it so hard to make money in the stock market, short term?

Okay, stocks fluctuate-a lot. Is it that hard to buy a stock when it looks like its at its low for a day and then wait for it to jump back up and sell it an hour later? I mean, it is probably rare that a person buys a stock and the ONLY thing it does from the second the buy it is go lower. Why doesn’t everyone just sell it the minute it makes them $10 or more?

John answers:

It is sometimes hard to make money in the short term if you don’t have the knowledge of when specifically to buy, trade, sell etc/ However you will reap the benefits in the long run, especially if you split up your money and continue to invest in different stocks. If you want to make some money with the stock market then check out this site – – it will give you loads of information and you can also purchase an automated stock exchange program. If you put money into the stock assault program then you can sit back and let it do the work for you, so you can sit back and see the money roll in. The best part of it is that it is a 100% money back guarantee. I have only just started but my small investment is increasing. The larger it gets the more money I seem to be getting all week. I wouldn’t say I am making enough yet to quit my job but if you are looking to use more money then I would definitely consider giving it a try. Maybe with the program you can start to make more money in the short term in the stock market.

Good Luck!

Thomas asks…

how do i make money on stock options?

How do i make money on call options after i but them. do i sell them or what do i do. How do i make money off a put option. do i sell that too or what do i do

John answers:

When you buy a call option, you are reserving a price that you can buy the stock at, then if the stock goes up, you can use the call option to buy the stock at the lower price that you reserved and sell it at it’s market price. You can also sell the call option but the buyer will also be wanting to make money so you may not get as good a deal if you sell it however you won’t need to come up with the money to buy the stock. Many people forget that the call option only reserves the price, and that they would still have to buy the stock to sell, these people will sink all their money and credit into the call option and then when it expires, they find out that they would make money but only if they have thousands more just for the one day to buy the stocks at the price they reserved and sell it. If the stock goes down, you know enough not to buy at the price you reserved and you’ve only lost the cost of the call option.

When you buy a put option, you are reserving a price that you can sell the stock at. If the stock goes down, you can buy stocks at the market value and sell to the put option. Likewise you can sell the options to someone else at any time but that someone else will also want to make some money so you may not get the most profit possible by selling the option. But if you sell the option, you don’t have to come up with the extra money to buy the stocks from the market to sell to the option.

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