Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Michael asks…

If the stock market is so terrible, how did Warren Buffett just become the richest man today?

He makes his money from the stock market. How is he doing better than everyone in the country at a net worth of 68 Billion as of today?
Bill Gates is now 3rd richest by the way
J P: Re-read my question and tell me where I said the “market is in great shape”.

John answers:

He’s been selling short making money as the stock market declines.

Also, it’s all relative. He may be the richest because he hasn’t lost as much as some others have.

In total since Obama has been president we’ve lost trillions collectively in the market. This translates to retirees having only about half as much to retire on as they did under Bush. That’s a real shame.

We’ve all lost half our worth and Obama is busy partying and traveling all over the world. Can’t be more out of touch than that.

William asks…

How do you make money from the stock market when it is going down?

I went to a shareholding course and they said it is possible to make money while the market is going down. The course was designed by SITM.

John answers:

There are actually a number of ways. Truth be told, making money in a bear market is a whole lot faster. Ill just run through a few of the ways to help get your started.

You can short sell the stock. Basically you Sell first, then buy back later. For instance, Sell at $10 and if the stock falls to $8, buy it back. You profited $2.

You can use options, and this get long.

Buy Put Options: The value of the Put Option rises as the stock value falls.

Sell Covered/Naked Call Options: If you own a stock and think that its going to fall in price, you can sell calls. This, contrary to belief is closer to short selling stock than buying Put Options is; in that you sell high and buy back low.

Naked Calls is when you sell a covered call without owning the stock. Very risky and advise you to not use this method.

If you dont know options, I highly suggest educating yourself first.

Last, own companies with a high dividend pay out.

I hope this helps. If not, Please contact me.

Christian Nago
CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Mandy asks…

How do I know how much money in stocks I have?

I have paid in 100.00 and the current stock quote is 54.34. how do i tell how much money i am making?

John answers:

How many shares do you have…it’s all about number of shares

David asks…

What is a good strategy for making money in stocks?

I have a limited amount id like to invest in stocks.

John answers:

Research the consumer company stocks. Companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Kimberly -clark, and McDonald’s . People will always buy these products. This is a small sample, but will give you some to research for starters.

John asks…

What kind website should I make?

I want to make a stock/investing website. I am planning to write about 3-5 articles a day. Does anyone have any extras i should add. Maybe something interesting!! How could i get money!

John answers:

The question is how do you intend to make money after you make your stock/investing website? Are you selling the articles? Is it a paid subscription?

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