Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Carol asks…

What would we do if the stock market falls to rock bottom?

If the stock market fell to the level of 1929 and the banks and finance companies closed how do you pay a house payment or a vehicle payment? No one would want to loose their house or vehicle, but if you had the money to make the payment HOW WOULD TAKE THE PAYMENT if the banks and stock market folded?

John answers:

The stock market will survive. The banks will survive. The mortgage companies will be controlled after the Democratic Oversight people like Bernie Franks and Senator Dodd fell asleep at the switch and Rep. Rangle forgot that he owned rent paying income property.

Thomas asks…

How do I make money for a club at school?

I am not talking big money like stock markets and banks
just a few hundred dollars for a club at school
ideas like the lemonade stand, pizza sale, ….
any other ideas?

John answers:

A car wash on the weekend should do the trick. Usually the school will let you use the water. The rest is just old fashioned elbow grease. Have a few pretty girls with signs directing the cars to the washers. Good Luck!

Helen asks…

How do people make a living in the stock market?

I know people who don’t work and only invest in the stock market. They make more than enough to pay their bills and stash a good amount away? How do you do that? How much do you need? How do people make money in the stock market in good and bad market (bull and bear)? I know stocks are cheap right now, but once stocks reach their highs again, how do people make money? Thanks in advance to all whom answer.

John answers:

In order to make a living you investing in the market, you have to start with a large amount of capital. How large will depend on what your needs are, and how much you need to live the style you want. Example: if you have 1,000,000 and make 10% a year, that’s 100k, but then you must subtract taxes, so you’ll have 60-70k to live on. However this doesn’t give you any margin for error in case of a bad year.

The solution is a mixture of growth stocks and dividend paying stocks. If you invest largely in dividend paying stocks you’ll have a solid income, though sometimes dividends do get cut. Wells Fargo just cut theirs by 85%. Dividends are nice, because you get paid in up or down markets. Most [not all] people who make their living from the market are living off the dividends.

Once a stock reaches a high (I’m not good enough to know when this occurs, but some might be able to.) you can sell that stock and then invest in another one with better prospects.

In every market including this one, there are growth stocks and duds.

James asks…

Has anyone used the newsletter Konlin Report to purchase stocks?

I am looking for a newsletter with moneymaking stock picks.

John answers:

You can download a free sample of KonLin Letter at:

Lisa asks…

What is the best way to invest in today’s economy?

Have an extra $10-12k to invest but I don’t think stock or real estate is the way to go in today’s market. How are people investing their money and making returns with today’s economy? Thanks.

John answers:

This is a difficult question to anwser, it really depends on what your investmentprofille is.
For example do you feel comfortable by taking risks or in what term do you want to earn money (one month, one year, ten years,…)
I also had to figure these things out, and decide to use a moneymanager.
I’m satisfied with the results.

This is my advice to you, first see what your investmentprofile is and then look for investments that suit this profile.

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