Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Jenny asks…

opening several brokerage will affect my taxes or not?

I have an account with sharebuilder and Tdameritrade and planning on opening one with bank of america. Would I end up paying more taxes by the end of the year for have more acount or it only depends on the money I make from selling stocks?

John answers:

More realistically if you are going to buy and sell stocks you will have some losses to apply against other income and this will cut the taxes you owe. You can open and have accounts with no implications; only if you buy and sell in the calender year will you have data to enter in your 08 tax return.

Betty asks…

How much money can you make with this job..?

How much money can you make by stocking foods in for example Safeway when your 15 or 14?

John answers:

Many grocery store jobs are part of a union and pay very well. However, I believe that you have to be at least 16 to work there. The higher the pay, the more Competition there will be for the job. Other people with more experience will most likely get hired.

Paul asks…

How would you turn 50 dollars into 100 dollars?

I just wonder if anyone out there has any money making tactics on how to make more for your dollar!!! I invest in small cap stocks and penny stocks on etrade. I would love to hear you guys comments and suggestions!!!!


John answers:

A sure bet to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in you pocket…………..

Steven asks…

How do companies make money in the stock market after the IPO?

Once they have sold their shares, how do companies make money from having their companies in the stock market, and what benefits do they receive from having an expensive stock?

John answers:

Companies make money through their IPO.

Sharon asks…

How do you make money from stocks?

Do you get money from the stock each month or do you have to cash it in?

John answers:

There are two ways. From any dividends they may pay, most of which are tax preferred by the way. From any price appreciation that the shares may accumulate, which requires you to sell the stocks to realize or at least part of the stocks. Some mutual funds do pay monthly dividends. Most stocks pay dividends quarterly. Those that pay dividends. Some stocks pay a rather generous dividend. BAC, BBT, USB for example. All three over 4% and they raise the dividend annually, or at least they have in the past. Some pay even greater dividends.

But price appreciation is what most investors are after, not the dividends. If you but a stock in a sound growing company, investing in it might over 10 years return 5 to 10 times the initial investment. At least that is what investors hope.

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