Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Sandy asks…

Is stock investing online a good way to make extra money?

Along with a career as the primary income, what do most Americans do as a secondary form of income? Is stock investing good? What else is there?

John answers:

Long term, yes – it is one of the best. But short term it is far more risky, in fact it is more speculating than anything else – which is very hazardous, and most people lose at. If you want to supplement your income, then look into some bond funds. Government bonds are safer but now pay very little – look into something like Corporate grade investor bond funds, or High Yield Corporate bond funds. Bonds are much safer than stocks, and better at stable income production. Like everything else though, more reward means more risk.

James asks…

As dumb as it seems, What IS the best way to make good money, easy?

Some ppl say that the best way is by stocks or bonds. By buying real estate. but really, what is the best way to get rich?

John answers:

Spend less than you earn, especially in your younger years as that early money will have longer to grow however you invest it.

Laura asks…

How to use the NYSE and find stocks..?

I have a project for my economics class and we have to invest in 5 different stocks. Our teacher told us to use the NYSE online, but I’m confused on how to find the different stocks, etc.

If anyone knows how to do this, and knows of 5 good stocks I would make money on over the next two months, please answer. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

John answers:


Chris asks…

I want to make money investing?

I am 19 years old. I about 60% worried about losing money and 40% gaining income. Is it smart to invest at my age? If so, what is a good way to make money? Mutural funds, stock trades? I just want to make good money, with low risk of going bankrupt. All I want is to have a few extra dollars in my pocket!

John answers:

It is great that you’re thinking about it at an early age. But educate yourself first. “Investing For Dummies” is a great starter book.

Steven asks…

Is investing in the stock market a good idea to make a living from?

I know there are people who invest in stock and make money but is it enough to live a GOOD life Im talking money to take vacations ,car note, insurance, mortgage, you know LIFE. I a mother of two trying to provide the best for them and working a 9 to 5 just is not enuff n e more. I want to know is it hard to invest? Who should i seek help from? Please just give me the RAW truth!

John answers:

What you can do depends on how good you are. If you aren’t good, then you are gambling- and that’s luck. Given the hype and cons always around, it will probably be bad luck. If you can’t do it well, don’t do it.

Complicated game- requires knowledge, skill, instinct- and money. To make a living doing it as an employee of an investment bank requires the skill to manipulate and grow other peoples money. To make a living as an individual investor requires you have your own money. You make that money in some fashion, start investing and make it grow. You leave all the gain in, so there will be more growing all the time. When you have $1000 and your investment doubles, you gain $1000. But when your investments are worth $100,000 and they double, things start moving fast. The skill is knowing when and how to move your positions so that trend will continue- but you don’t take any out until it’s a large enough that is won’t shrink when you do, or will keep growing. How long that takes depends mostly on the times (opportunities are always changing) and your skill. You will not take a small amount of money and create a cash flow of any consequence any time soon.

I could now make a living from investing, but I have built portfolios worth 700K. The recession was an exceptional opportunity to multiply money, I have stocks that are worth 20 or more times what they cost me two years ago. I still take nothing out, because my everyday source of income meets my modest needs. Others who started at the same time I did (10 years ago) with the same money (10K) but failed to make the right choices probably have about 10% as much gain to show for it.

How you invest must match your ability and risk tolerance, as well as your nervous systems limits. Investing is unlike any other skill I know of, and I know many. Education and books get you started, but what really makes the difference in an average investor and a good one seems to come from how your mind works, almost like a genetic thing. Some are cut out for it, some are not. I’m fortunate in that respect.

I would suggest having an IRA for an investing base to grow financially stronger, but not expecting it to be a source of disposable income. For that- learn more valuable skills, or become a star performer in what you already know, thus be worth more money and probably get promoted. You would be surprised what a difference that alone can make in your value to an employer. Rare quality these days.

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