Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Paul asks…

Is it possible to multiple the money through stocks?

I’m a high school student and don’t know much about stocks.
I heard that making 20% profit a year is really good and that making 30% profit a year is almost impossible.
But I also heard time to time that a guy who doubled or even tripled his money in a few months.
If making 20-30% profit a year is that hard, how can someone multiple their money in that short period? what kind of situation makes that possible?

John answers:

Ryan is correct. Dangerous territory to believe you can go to 20-30% per yr. People may have earned that much over say 1 or 2 months but then the next 1 or 2 months their holdings take a nose dive. The name of the game is diversification, time horizon, and risk tolerance. If you have a high risk tolernace, which you probabaly do because you are young and young people are naturally more risky, then be prepared to keep your dough in the market longer, and be prepared for the swings that come with high risk. You may see your money multiply sharply in a few weeks, and then tank. But, don’t try to time the market either – you won’t win. If you want to make tons of money in stocks today, go overseas. Invest in developing markets (China, India, etc.) but again, be prepared for large losses as well as possible large gains. There is no magic or trick. Short term…it’s a crap shoot. Long term smart investing is a victory.

David asks…

Is ETRADE good for getting into stocks?

I want to learn how to make money in stocks. Is E-Trade a good place to start? Anyone ever use it? Does it cost to get started?

Any info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated

John answers:

I have never used Etrade but while searching on the internet, I found the cheapest stock broker in the world.

Online stock broker offers cheap stock trading at $1.50 – $3.00.

Some great features mentioned on their site:
-Fast Order Execution
-Excellent Customer Service
-Scheduled Investments and Fractional Shares
-Enhanced Online Security and SIPC Protection
-Powerful Trading Technology
-No Account Inactivity or Account Maintenance Fees

They have even given a compare page with different brokerages in the website.Check out below:

Robert asks…

IF you know any good stock that can make money fast and a lot can you name the ticker symbol nad name of it :]

John answers:

Although no stocks are guarenteed to go up, I’ll give you some of my personal picks, which include American Express (AXP), Exxon Mobile (XOM), Imperial Oil Limited (IMO), Newmount Mining Corporation (NEM), and my personal favorite, JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

Now don’t take my word for these, I’m just sugesting looking into these companies. Theres a lot of risks involved with trading stocks, but also potential BIG oayoffs. Talk things over with a finacial advisor.

Best of luck

Mandy asks…

Any Indian who is earning good money through stock markets and what’s the best course to work in stock market?


John answers:

Eat some curry.

George asks…

Are microcap stocks good for people who want to make money off of skill?

I read somewhere that If you are a very skilled individual investor, you can make a higher than market return when investing in microcap stocks because of the fact that they are not analyzed by analysts and it’s relatively hard for people to analyze the information about the microcap stock without the help of an analyst. However, if it is true that the microcap stocks are priced inefficiently, why wouldn’t all the stock market analysts and professional quit their jobs and make millions off of the mispriced microcap stocks? I know that no big institution would buy these stocks, so they are not analyzed by analyzed by analysts because of their lack of liquidity, and I have heard that they are frequently mispriced, so why doesn’t every individual investor invest in them. PLEASE ANSWER!!!

John answers:

Msc gave you a good answer. What you also need to understand is that just because your have done a very thorough analysis and determined a stock to be under priced doesn’t make you a dime. In order to make money, others must come to the same conclusion after you did and buy the stock to move the price up. You approached this with the old saying that anything that seems to be too good to be true probably is. And you are correct. Investors, both professional and individual who succeed at this, do their work on lots of companies, maybe 50 or 100 or more, and then buy them all. When some of them fail to qualify on the screening qualifications, they sell them and replace them with stocks that do. Sometimes they lose money on the sales, sometimes they make money. Very high risk investing. Hope this helps.

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