Your Questions About Good Money Making Stocks

Laura asks…

What are good ways to make money as a 13 year old?

What are good ways to make money as a 13 year old?
I need to make some money that I can invest in stocks. But I am young so I don’t have a lot of options for money. Does anyone have any ideas?

John answers:

Strike a deal with your parents for odd jobs around the house. Plenty to do, for a few dollars.

Sandy asks…

What are good ways for me to make money?

I have always wanted a German Shepherd and my mom finally said yes. The catch is that she will help me with the actual cost of the dog but i have to buy the food and vet care etc. I am 14 and i want to find a way to make some money besides work for neighbors (their strange). I was thinking about investing a small amount of money in stock. Is this a good idea or not?
she says i have to make atleast 500 dollars.

John answers:

Just sign up the link in source then log in and grab your link and invite friends. That’s all you can make a lot of money . Payment proof in source. Its easy of course 10 dollars minimum payout and you can get unlimited money inviting friends. There are many scams out there so if you need further guidance just send me a message

Jenny asks…

What are some good stocks to invest in for a school project?

every quarter, we do the stock market game. this quarter, i want to win the challenge and make the most money off of our stock.
so if anyone knows some really good ideas for stocks, please answer this question! i also want a stock that others may not think of but will probably do really well.

thanks so much! 🙂

John answers:

It’s wise to invest in things that people really need. For instance, Coca-Cola of Kraft or a toilet paper company. Invest in needs, since these will always be steady; contrary to the stocks that may plummet once a hot new electronic item goes out of style.

Daniel asks…

Why would i put money on stocks?

What makes stocks better than other investments?

John answers:

Stock is ownership of a company.

Imagine if you owned (a small fraction) Apple before the original Ipod was announced, or Microsoft in the 1980s. As a shareholder you are along for the ride. If the company grows, so does your personal profit in it as part owner.

Stocks are better than other investments because the potential for profit is in theory endless. That, however is the major disadvantage in stocks, they are not guaranteed thus you can in theory lose every penny. Many banks offer “guaranteed” investments, but these are usually in the 1-5% range. If you can not tolerate the fact that you can lose some of your money than these investments are more suitable.

George asks…

How can I make good money with two years or less of schooling after high school?

Besides those surveys on the internet, real estate, stocks, etc.

John answers:

Note that while there are lots of LEGITIMATE ways to make money from the internet, none of them are easy. There is simply no free lunch even in the internet.

Interestingly, internet is actually a good place to learn something new and get paid for it. This way you can acquire skills and knowledge without going through costly formal education (although you still need formal education for certification).

If you like to learn new things, you can start by reading these articles.
Basically what you have to do is learning something, write an article summarizing about what you learn and submit the articles into some website.

You may even use the power of some internet forums to boost your income just like written in this article:

Basically, you will need more than one website if you want to earn something decent. You can’t earn anything using only any

single website. For example, you might want to start writing articles in this website:

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