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Maria asks…

Can I make money off promo stocks?

So I know penny stocks are a very risky investment but I was wondering if it is less risky to get into promo penny stocks. I have joined many penny stock recommendation sites which recommend penny stocks. So usually when I get the stock picks the stock will like go up very high percentages for the next day or more, then it will ultimately crash. I will be able to monitor these stocks every minute through market hours. Is there a chance I could make good money if I sell at the right time. Like is it hard to sell the stock?

John answers:

Very few, if any, make money from “promo” stocks. “Promo” stocks are real “pump &^ dumps”, they pumped up by promoters and when they start to see profits, the sell. And most promoters receive their stocks from exercising rights they receive from the company in payment for pumping the stock.

Penny stocks do not trade in a regulated market so you can not “monitor” these stocks and their movements every minute. Most executions are not reported when they occur but rather at the end of the day when it is too late to react.

If you are a novice, there’s no way you can make “good” money, if you have some experience with trading you may break even. Unless you are sitting on a trading desk, there’s no way in hell any one can make money playing “promo” stocks.

Sure you can always buy these stocks, but when you go to sell them, professional traders have the expression “to whom”

Unless you have extensive trading experience trading penny stocks is foolish, but trying to play :promo” stocks is pure asinine.

Linda asks…

Genuine Question: Anybody have any suggestions on potentially good money making ideas?

So although this may look like I’m either asking a stupid question or just being cheeky this is a genuine question.

Basically me and my friend are both in our early twenties and are looking at buying a house early next year and renting it out. We both have reasonable incomes (Around 20 – 25k) so are saving for a fairly decent deposit to increase our chances.

As well as the property side we were talking about looking for other ways to invest, but the problem is we know of very few. One idea we hit on quickly was purchasing a burger van and hiring somebody to run it for us, the other was to try and buy garages to rent out or looking into buying stocks.

What I’m really looking for is just some general advice on what could be a potential good investment/business oppurtunity that we could work towards without having to quit our jobs, and for around 10k (Feel free to suggest ones that are more expensive, but we would begin to seriously struggle once you’re talking 20k +)

Thanks in advance for any help and advice, it is appreciated 🙂
Stocks are a possible, but not really the way we want to go at this stage, would rather something more physical! Oh and I’m from the UK, Wales 🙂

John answers:

Stocks are good but you def. Need to take courses for it to get the best out of it.
Would help if you’d said where you were from

John asks…

Can I make good money out of Trading/ stock market?

I have never had any experience from trading mrket. But I know almost every one work with stock market. Some say it’s good and others say I would loose my money. I want to start learning how it works. I know $200 is nothing to get into the market, but since I don’t know anything, then I don’t want to spend more until I learn how the game is. Then I put more money. I found a company named “bullseye” They teach and they say we can make $200-$5000 with investing $4000-$100000. has anyone heard about them? Plesae advise. I work hard to make money and don’t want to lose it easily.
Thanks for any advise.

John answers:

Never heard of them. Read as much as you can on the Internet about Jesse Livermore. Then read his book, How To Trade Stocks.

If they market doesn’t behave as you expected, that’s an indication you are wrong. Cut your losses IMMEDIATELY.

Let your profits ride. Don’t be too quick to take your profits until you see evidence that the trend has ended.

As your stock appreciates in value, continue to adjust your stop/loss to lock in some profits. Never adjust your stop/loss to the downside.

With little capital, you can make a lot of money with options because they are highly leveraged.

Robert asks…

What can I invest in to make a lot of money fast?

One of my friends trades penny stocks and makes an insane amount of money. I recently started working full-time and have some extra money on the side. I want to start investing and making good money on the side and possibly do it full time. Can someone give me advice or help me in any way?


John answers:

Yet another fish for the sharks

Susan asks…

How do you find good stocks with the best monthly or quarterly dividends?

What does the ex-dividend date mean?

How can you trade stocks so you buy it in time to obtain the dividend, but make money and sell it too? Or are dividend stocks better to hold and get income? What are some good stocks to buy?

John answers:


Let me try and explain. The ex-dividend date is the date that the dividend and the stock split. If you are holding stock on or after the ex-dividend date and sell it, you keep the dividend and who ever buys it only gets the stock.

If you sell the day before the ex-dividend date, you lose the dividend for that period. So, if you are looking to pick up a dividend paying stock you would want to get it the day before it goes to ex-dividend.

Remember though if you are thinking of getting in right before that date, and then dumping them, the amount of the dividend to be paid to share holders comes off the top of the stock price and must be made back up over time, so you would be operating at about break even if you got out immediately.

Go take a look at Bank of America. That is a very nice dividend paying company. Growth on one end and one of the most generous dividends of all big companies.

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