Your Questions About Forever 21

Nancy asks…

forever 21?

I am looking for a site that sells clothes similar to Forever 21 in style and price.

John answers:

Charlotte russe.

Mark asks…

Forever 21………..?

There is a store called Forever 21 aimed at women. Why do you think they chose the name “Forever 21“? how come it’s not “forever 23″? Are they trying to imply that 21 is the best year of your life and it should last forever if it could?

John answers:

Forever between 19 and 25 sounds weird so they just picked one figure

James asks…

FOREVER 21 ! ?

1.I am buying 5 items from the Forever 21 online store. I live in Canada and want to have them shipped here. How much will that cost in Canadian?
2.My total is $57.70 US what would that be in Canadian $’s?

John answers:

You will have to order from the Canadian website. The US one does not ship to Canada. There it lists shipping for that amount would only be $12.95.

John asks…

Forever 21?

ok so i just love love love forever 21!!! for those who dont know what it is its a fashion store, ok so i want to know if anyone knows where i could find a large forever 21 around where i live, which is in la??

John answers:

Beverly Center.

Ruth asks…

forever 21!?

i have 200 left over from my income tax and I want to buy some summer clothes. My favorite store is forever 21, and I was wondering if you could find some cute clothes for me from this store, or stores with the same style, THANK YOU!

John answers:


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