Your Questions About Fedex

Helen asks…


i was supposed to be getting a package from my mom and she mailed it express by fedex……well when she gave me the tracking number and tracked it just fine and everything and it said the package was between the front doors and my house….well when i got home from work there was nothing there…..and i called the 800 number for fedex and they said they r going to investigate it and im supposed to call in tomorrow…..will i get the package back and when will i get it back cause they said there going to call the driver that was supposed to delever the package to my house….so can somebody please tell me if im going to get my package and when do u think

John answers:

It was probably stolen, and you’re probably not going to see it again. Sorry, but it’s the truth! (Good luck anyway, I hope your package defies the odds)

Next time, have your mom make sure to ask for a “direct signature,” that way they can’t leave it unattended at the door. Your work might be OK with you having it delivered there – that way someone is available to sign for it during the FedEx delivery hours.

Ken asks…


I ordered an item and FedEx is delivering it to me. I was home all day and online it said that no one was home so they could not deliver the package. This was their second attempt and I am really fed up with FedEx. They left a slip on my door yesterday when they made their forst attempt. It says you may pick-up your package TODAY after 7:00 P.M. Yesterday is the Today in the slip. Can I still go and get my package since they also attempted to deliver it today?

John answers:

Yes, the driver will be back at FedEx at 7p. Don’t go earlier because that is when he is expected to return. You can sign for your package then.

Chris asks…


does fedex ground deliver on sundays? i need to know!

John answers:

I’m pretty sure they do not deliver on Sundays. At least in south carolina they don’t

David asks…

How to get Fedex to deliver the package to the nearest Fedex location?

I ordered a package and it is currently in transit. How can I change the order so that instead of having it delivered to my house, I can have it delivered to the nearest Fedex location (no one will be at home on the scheduled day of delivery)?

Thank you!

John answers:

Well they will leave a note(or a door tag) if they need a signature if they don’t
they will just leave the package on your doorstep so you dont really need to change to a
fedex location

Richard asks…

What time does fedex start delivering to homes for verizon?

I ordered a phone monday and i chose the fedex 2-day by 7pm no charge shipping option. It’s Wednesday and I’m super anxious to get it. I was wondering what time would fedex deliver my phone. Thanks(:

John answers:

Do you have tracking? Fedex usually starts at 9pm but it depends where you are on their route. You will get it by 7 pm though, don’t worry.

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