Your Questions About Fandango

Donna asks…


Is Fandango‘s prices the same if you buy them at the theater? Also, how do you get the tickets…Do they mail them, print something out, or pick them up when you are at the theaters…

Is there any Prom. Codes for Fandango for $24 w/o tax?

John answers:

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouch, Scaramouch. Will you do the Fandango?

Robert asks…

How does buying tickets on Fandango work?

How does buying tickets on Fandango work? If my mom buys a ticket for my 5 year old brother to see a PG-13 movie through Fandango, will my brother be allowed to get in?

Thanks! 🙂

John answers:

It depends. Your brother would have to go to the ticket window to get his ticket with either his mom’s credit card or if you print out the confirmation number they can retrieve it that way. The person in the booth may not give him the ticket if he is too young unless your mom is getting it with him. However, if they have the ticket kiosk where you can go and handle that without a person, just the computer, it will print the ticket out for you. Once your brother goes inside though, they may not take his ticket if he is too young and they may reject him. Usually PG-13 movies aren’t too strict, it’s the R movies. It also depends on the person if they care while they’re working or if they don’t care what happens cause they hate their job.

Joseph asks…

Is it safe to purchase movie tickets from Fandango with a debit card or will it charge hidden fees or scam me?

I want to buy 3 tickets to go see Aice in Wonderland. I fear that it will get sold out and I’m buying tickets online. Is it safe to use Fandango or will I regret it because of scams?

John answers:

Ive bought a couple tickets from them in the past, I have never had a problem. They seem legit. If the show is sold out the site will say there are no tix available.

Donald asks…

If I purchase a movie ticket on Fandango will I have to print out a confirmation sheet or what?

I am buying tickets for Saw 3D online for a showing at 9:25 on Fandango. So What do I do?

John answers:

Bring ur laptop

George asks…

How early should I show up for the Harry Potter Midnight premiere if I already bought tickets from Fandango?

I bought tickets to the last Harry Potter movie on Fandango. Fandango said I would have to take my credit card up to a stand (forgot the name), not the box office line, and from there I could get my tickets.

My plan is to show up early in the afternoon and just get the tickets. However, how early should I show up for the movie even if I already have tickets. I heard most people show up early to get good seats.

John answers:

You should definitely get there a few hours early to get a good seat (even if you bought the tickets beforehand). The movie WILL be sold out and people will get there early too. Last November I showed up an hour and a half before the movie started (so I got there at 10:30) and I was one of the last people in line. I was extremely lucky to get a seat with my boyfriend right next to each other but we were in the front far left corner which was an uncomfortable spot. I plan to show up 3 hours early this time since it will be one of the last midnight showings I will go to and I don’t plan on wasting it. Just bring something to do while in line because it will probably be boring (of course you could always talk to the people around you because I love talking to Harry Potter fans!). I hope this helped, and have fun!!!

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