Your Questions About Fafsa

Donna asks…

FAFSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

HI, what should i do if i put in an email into the fafsa application for last year, that i dont currently have, will they send all of the renewal information to the wrong one? what is the best way to notify them as soon as possible, and have them send it to the right email adresss? i only have a few days till jan 1, and thats when i need to send it in.

John answers:

Go to the fafsa website online and complete a new application or you can change information online. However if you don’t have your code you will have to request it online and they will send it to an email address or by mail you get to choose. Just go online to change it.

Susan asks…


Okay, I’ve already started my fafsa application. But, I didn’t finish cause I had to wait for them to email me my pins. Now, I have my pin number but, everytime I go back to continue my fafsa application that page takes a super long time to load… (and this is before I enter my pin number)….Right now, I have the page loading and Its been like an hour or soo….

Is fafsa really that busy…or is my computer that slow?? And how am I going to finish my application if the page takes long to load???

John answers:

Must be your computer, are you on Dial? I just tried, typed in FAFSA application and got one right away. The next time you get it down load it, print it out and fill it in manually. Thousand of dollars in aid were not used last year because students never finished filling out their applications. It would be worth it to go to your library to get the application.
Remember to apply for as many college grants as you can. You could end up with enough college grants for all your tuition fees and maybe more. Good Luck

Sandy asks…


IF you have both parents, what would happen if you only put one parents income for the FAFSA? What happens if you do not qualify for the FAFSA?

John answers:

You are supposed to use the income of the parent you lived with the most in the last 12 months.

If it was neither, you use the income of the one that gave you the most support in the last 12 months.

If you live with both parents, you must use them both. It doesn’t matter if they file sep. Or married filing jointly. You would have to add their income together if they file married filing sep.

Ken asks…

I am filling out my FAFSA and was wondering how to calculate income tax?

When i get to the point in my FAFSA where it asks to enter the income tax, I entered the amount of income I made in 2007 but it says that that’s wrong. How do I calculate income tax without doing my taxes? I won’t receive my W2’s for another few weeks and I want to get my FAFSA done now. Help?

John answers:

It’s better if you wait until you receive your W-2 but if not, just look at your last pay stub it will be there. Your total wages for the year, it must be your LAST paystub of 2007. If more then one job just add them together.

Make sure you use whole dollar amounts, FAFSA won’t accept cents, so round it up if needed!

Sandra asks…

What does it mean when your fafsa has been selected for varification?

My fafsa has been selected what do i do and who do i contact to know what they need to varify?
Also what kind of things do they ask you for?

John answers:

It just means that yours was pulled at random for them to double check all the information on your application. As long as you honestly answered everything then there’s nothing to worry about.

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