Your Questions About Facebook

Ken asks…


in your opinion do you think a facebook is safe.. i am not allowed to have a myspace but what makes a facebook safe? and how is it not safe?

John answers:

Facebook is quite safe. You can alter your privacy settings so only your friends can see your profile, and if you don’t want some of your friends seeing everything, you can give them limited access to your profile.

Maria asks…


Is it just my computer or is Facebook messed up tonight? My computer lets me log on put then when I get to the main page everything is messed up and I cant see the posts by other people…? When I got on Facebook from my phone, everything worked but it was in a different format? What’s up?? Thanks :]

John answers:

I am having the same problem. Im not sure what is going on. I was on earlier today and it was fine. I hope someone finds out and fixes it lol.

Sandra asks…


what do you like most about facebook and y do you go on it for?
everyone goes on about it whats the big deal??

John answers:

I love Facebook! I’ve reconnected with people I’d lost touch with and I’ve connected with a load of new people too.

I like FB for the games and other applications and find it is just very enjoyable but it’s all to do with personal preference really. Some people love it and some don’t.

Susan asks…


If you have facebook then answer this for me! Ok. Everyone should know that they have a new version out of facebook. Well…if you don’t ya do now! But, I was just wondering do they let you have layouts/backgrounds yet?! Because I reallly want one so i’m hoping but, i’m not sure. So just please help! Thank You! 😀

John answers:

Not with this new version. So you can’t change it like on myspace yet.

Betty asks…

FaceBook ?? ……….?

How do u no if someone visited u on facebook or saw ur pics?
i have the new version of facebook but i cant find that thing D:

John answers:

You can’t they won’t be notified nor will you be notified if they saw your pictures or profile or vs that the beauty of facebook

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