Your Questions About Email Addresses Stolen

Ruth asks…

If someone has stolen your email address what do you do?

I had an email address that was stolen some years back. I have discovered that the thief is using it. So please advise me on what to do.

John answers:

Print out your Address Book contacts, and then DELETE your Account. Then, Open a new one with a different ID & Password , and then manually type in all your contacts from the previous Account.

Daniel asks…

Stolen email address? In Bulk I get a lot of similar addresses, but I get them from mine also!?

The emails from “myself” have links to different sites, of which I have not followed. Is this commonplace in Yahoo! Mail? Does anyone else have this happen?
Of three:;;
These are the links from the emails.

John answers:

Anyone with a separate email program can use any name or address for the FROM address. It in no way indicates a problem. Spammers do it to keep mail from being returned to them.

Helen asks…

Have you heard of people stealing and using other’s email addresses to send emails?

I have a hotmail account and while searching through my account, I found some emails that was sent from my hotmail email address to my hotmail address- basically, appearing to be sent from me to me. I am sure I didn’t send these emails but I don’t understand how this could happen. Are there instances of people email addresses and accounts being stolen and used? This person must have gotten my password or something? Are there examples?

John answers:

These come from people who have the addresses sent to them by other’s infected machines. If your name is in the address book of such a machine it is taken and used as the from and to address in order to beat your mail security. They are sent through servers with unsecured smtp receiving ports, and they are known as an open mail relay. Nothing to worry about too much, everyone gets them from time to time.

Maria asks…

My friend’s laptop was stolen and his yahoo email has been hacked and the thief is now using it?

Who at Yahoo (email address) can he contact in order to reclaim back his stolen email address.

John answers:

Hmm I don’t think it can be helped, sorry.

Mandy asks…

Can my stolen email address and password be returned to me?

Someone asked me to send her my email address and password, so that she would be my new girlfriend and help me with my money problems. I sent them to her. She said that she has removed them. She deceived me.

John answers:

She deceived you? What a shock!!!
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