Your Questions About Email Addresses Stolen

Ken asks…

All of my email addresses were stolen and deleted and now spam is being sent out by AUPUJT. How do I stop this?

I only found this out when my daughter asked me if I sent her an email yesterday knowing I did not

John answers:

Change your account password right away.
It is also a good idea to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Use only reputable products, never anything promoted by spam.
Most of the time the spammers obtain the passwords by phishing spam. The email from “Yahoo” telling you to “confirm” your password either to prevent your account from closing or to claim your lottery prize was not really from Yahoo.

Donna asks…

Yahoo email addresses stolen, trying to delete addresses. ?


My yahoo email address was hacked and is now being used by spammers to sell medicine over the internet. I tried to delete the email addresses but yahoo does not allow me to do this without closing the account and losing the domain name. I will like to set up a different alias and keep the domain name. How do I do this? Thank you

John answers:

In case of a hacked account send a mail describing your problem to If this doesn’t help, call Yahoo: 1-408-349-1572, explain to a customer service person what happened. They will ask you to do certain things and then they compare your original info with the changed info. Within 24 hrs you should get your account back!

To see how well this works, go to the links below…:-);_ylt=AuQPwMofoiTPt1JzroSPhBbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071003070657AAV3mx9&show=7#profile-info-ZQh3eE9Vaa;_ylt=Ar1m4DsYh59xo1dCg9DCgVQJCgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080511042052AAH0sfj&show=7#yan-comment-form

Mandy asks…

Stolen email addresses?

How can I keep my email addresses from being used in the future? They were stolen and one bogus email (not native English speakers) sent in my name to all the people I had listed in my address book. Do I need to change my address?

John answers:

If i were you i would
must get annoying after a while

Mary asks…

Received request for money from a person using a friend’s stolen email address. What should I do?

Obviously this person has acquired email addresses from forwarded emails where previous recipients addresses have not been deleted. Can I register a new email address and take my old contacts with me?

John answers:

You can have several Yahoo email addresses, if you wish, and have need of them.

And you can take your contacts with you.
Then do a bulk email to all of them, telling of your new address

William asks…

My email addresses have been stolen – what do I do?

I was spammed; someone stole my address book and wrote emails under my name.

John answers:

Email everyone of your contacts alerting them and get a new email address

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