Your Questions About Email Addresses Stolen

Mary asks…

How can I recover all of my email addresses stolen & erased from my contact list by a spammer?

When I returned home today, there were several emails from friends responding to an email I did not send. Apparently a spammer obtained all my addresses, used my name, and sent a spam to everyone in my address book. When I went to my contact list to send everyone a note that I didn’t send the spam, no addresses were there.

John answers:

It cannot get stolen,others can use it in parallel.To protect yourself you can change the password.To change the password go to your account and opt out for a change password and continue with further instructions till you get the message that your password has been changed successfully.

Ken asks…

How do I close a yahoo email address which has been invaded and my email addresses stolen?

John answers:

To delete a Yahoo account go to this page:

Make sure that you understand that you are deleting a?l?l? Yahoo sites associated with the account ID including photos at F?l?i?c?k?r?.

When you terminate your account you will lose access to your Yahoo! ID, Yahoo! Mail, and profile names. They will also delete your account data and settings across the Yahoo! Network. This includes any contents in:

? Flickr – Don’t forget that this is part of Yahoo. You will lose all your photos stored there.
? Yahoo! Mail
? Yahoo! Address Book
? Yahoo! HotJobs
? My Yahoo!
? Yahoo! Groups
? Finance Portfolio
? Yahoo! Answers – Profile only – Q&A remain

Note that closing your account will not necessarily stop the address from being used for spam. Access to your mail is not needed to fake an address.

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Steven asks…

Can phisher passwords of stolen email addresses be gotten back?

This is to help other people in the same situation regain their old email addresses back.

John answers:



Carol asks…

why are our email addresses being stolen?

Many of my friends email addresses have been pirated to sell products now I just recieved an email from myself trying to sell me pills!
Can’t you control this practice?
We get an email from a friend (we think) but when we read it it is a corporate sales pitch about some product

John answers:

You’ve fallen for phishing scams and have given them your password

change your password and it should stop

Nancy asks…

My email addresses were stolen and the categories of addresses. How can they be retrieved?

John answers:

If the contents of the account were deleted, or the Address Book, act NOW! There is only 24 hours for recovery, and there are no guarantees. The Restore Help form depends on the mail you use.
Classic Mail:
All-New Mail:
Click Contact Us on the Help page, and sign in. Click the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form and fill it out.

If you need to restore your Yahoo! Address Book, please fill out the following restoration form and one of the Yahoo! Address Book agents will attempt to restore your Yahoo! Address Book:

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