Your Questions About Email Addresses Search

Daniel asks…

Where do I search for email addresses of Friends when all I have is their home address and phone number?

Is there any web sites for Australian only email addresses

John answers:

Well you could try and ring them up to ask for their email address
Hope this helps.
God Love you

James asks…

is there any way you can search email addresses on myspace?

any way to help?

John answers:

Yes. Go to Search on the toolbar on myspace…
Select the ” e-mail ” button….
Then type in the e-mail..
And click search

Helen asks…

How do you search for email addresses of people? There are a couple of friends I havn´t seen for years and I

I am trying to get in touch with them. Thanks a lot!!!!

John answers:

There are a bunch of places you can look. Yahoo and other search engines have places that allow you to search for email. To find Yahoo’s “People search” go to the home page then “more Yahoo Services” then click on People Search. There’s a website “” that’ll let you search half a dozen sites for either phone or email. If you know where they live, it may be easier to look them up in the telephone listings. Good luck

Carol asks…

Are there any free programs that will search and delete duplicate email addresses from a text file? ?

I have a list of 15,000 email addresses however there are about 1,000 duplicates. I am looking for a way to remove the duplicates without sorting alphabetically in excel and removing manually.

John answers:

Try this freeware add-in for personal use but backup your excel file first
here’s the link
Say you have this table with possible duplicate email addresses in column B, range is B1:B15000, insert a column before B and copy the email addresses in column C(formerly column B) to it, cause we going to delete email addresses in current column B, and leave all original columns untouched.
After installation, select the range to work (e.g. The name range B1:B15000), go to menu, asap utilities, 5.range and 13.empty duplicates of select range.
The names in Column B that are duplicates will be erased with unique names untouched
Do a sort on the whole table and use column B as the sorting key, ascending order will send all the duplicate lines to the end of the table and delete them, column B can be deleted as it’s added for this operation only.
Don’t worry about the sort mention above because the sorting key is column B, sorting will not affect the sequence of other columns except to put the duplicates to the end of the table.
Hope this helps

Mary asks…

can people use my email address to search for my blogger?

i dont want people with my email address to find my blog at blogspot, its more of a personal anonymous diary for my own benefit. can people who have my email address search it and learn that i have a blog?

John answers:

No, i dont think so. It might be a disble or enable setting in ur account

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