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Paul asks…

I use to beable to find email addresses by doing a search?

I use to beable to find email addresses by doing a search now for the past few days it wont find anything even though I do have the email it doesnt find it… How can i fix this or is this something I cant fix??

John answers:


William asks…

How do you search email addresses to find out who they are from?

John answers:

Some where on the screen or in the menus will be “Full Headers”, this should open a longer string of IP addresses and routing information. If this does not help you might contact your Internet Provider’s customer service or security group.

Thomas asks…

What website offers an aboslutely free people search, including email addresses?

We’ll be having our high school silver anniversary reunion and we are trying to contact classmates who are now living in the u.s.a.

John answers:

Try and

Chris asks…

Is there a way to search for names/Yahoo email addresses?

Search for a name and it will give you an email address? Like a directory?

John answers:


Sharon asks…

How do I do a search for email addresses in Craigslist?

someone wrote back to me but I want to look at their original ad in craigslist. I wrote to about 40 people and don’t know which particular one this was. I can see how to do a search while I’m on the share rental page but that only looks for words in the heading. You have to open the ad in order to see the address. I don’t want to open 2000 ads looking for an email address

John answers:

Instead of using the entire email address, copy and paste ONLY the numerical part of the ad in the search field. For example, when you’re in an ad, at the top is a blue link with the craigslist domain and at the bottom of the page is the “posting ID”. The number is the same as in the email address.

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