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Laura asks…

Does anyone know of a really free site to search for email addresses, that yields real results?

I am trying to get my family back together and thought I would surprise an ecard to several of my family members to invite them all to a family reunion type setting in a neutral area and give everyone a chance to try to reconnect. I have all their mailing addresses and phone numbers but I thought ecards would be so much cuter. I’ve been searching for hours trying to find a free email search site to help me locate a couple of email addresses that I don’t have, but have been very unsuccessful. Please if anyone knows what I can do or where I can go to search for these email addresses, (but it has to be a free one because I don’t have a credit card or checking account), it would be very much appreciated. Thanks again in advance.

John answers:

Http:// ( This one will search numerous sources.)

Robert asks…

Does anyonw know how to search email addresses for free?

Does anyone know how to search email addresses for free if you know the person’s name and state?

John answers:

Email address finders:


David asks…

Is there any software can search email addresses from websites?

I cant find any on the internet. You guys have any idea?

John answers:

Email Search Crawler can search email address from a target website. You can free download and have a try.

William asks…

any website to search for email addresses of people under 18?

i am trying to contact someone i know in another country but i dont know any phone number of his or email address. i do know his address though and all the other required information to search for his email.

the problem is that it cant find any website that has emails of people under the age of 18.

do you know any that do?

John answers:

People are not under 18
kids are under 18
try yahoo dictonary
or try myspace
hope helps

Sharon asks…

how do I search for email addresses on yahoo?

I know a friends name but I have forgotten her email address. How do I search for it?

John answers:

You will need a registry website with billions upon billions of email addresses. A good example, that i recommend, is located below:

Hope this answers your question!

PS. It does have yahoo email addresses

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