Your Questions About Email Addresses Ideas

Jenny asks…

Can you give me the email addresses of Google and yahoo for submitting ideas, and innovations?

I can’t find a appropriate email to submit some proposal to those companies. Thanks for your help.

John answers:

For google, email is

George asks…

I need some ideas for email addresses and screen names!?

I love ballet, I’m a total girly girl and drama queen, my name is Ainsley, and I dont have any good screen names or email addresses. Can u help me out?

John answers:


just some that came to mind, hope that helps a bit.

Lisa asks…

Email Addresses …ANY IDEAS PLEZ?

I have yahoo, g mail, and AOL email addresses but I want another one for my friends only. What is another website where you can create an email for free that is somewhat similar to yahoo,g mail,etc I need an answer asap because i have a friend that needs to email me some pics!

P.S srry if there was TMI

John answers:

Hotmail? (MSN)

Sandra asks…

good email address ideas for a 14 year old girl?

okay so long story short, my hotmail got hacked.
so i’m getting gmail now because my dad said it’s safer or something.
what are some new ideas for me? I don’t want anything lame or childish, I want something I can keep for a long time and put on a resume and stuff. but I don’t want it just my name either.
everyone calls me Lg, but that’s short for Leighton Grace.
any ideas? thanks!

John answers:

Missy… The best email id to put on ur resume is the one that has ur name in it… Trust me , i am willing to put money that u will not have better chances of getting a job with anything other than ur name as ur id.. U can always add an arbitrary number after ur name in case the id is not available such as ur age , birthday 100 200 or use an underscore or punctuation mark between ur first and last name….. That is all considered ok….what is not considered ok is an id like this

so here are some ideas

hope it helped… By the way sounds real nice… Has a certain ring to it…

Linda asks…

Not so serious email address ideas?

Im not looking for anything serious.
Im pretty easy going.
but i need email ideas.

Jessica Nicole
if that helps.
Something like :

except all those combinations are taken ?

John answers:


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