Your Questions About Email Addresses Ideas

Charles asks…

Funny,cute,sexy email addresses ideas?

My fav color is yellow!I’m crazy,weird,funny!I love my family,friends,ipod touch,music,reading,mudding,tacos,!I live a country love!

John answers:

Well you could use the name of songs u like, or change up a lil bit of the name..dats how I got mine 🙂
This is some of mine, alliknowisfalling_….ect, but yeah those are really neat sumtimes 🙂

Donald asks…

Any ideas on new yahoo email addresses all suggestion are welcome. Some info about me is below.?

I am pretty much a simple person who likes the United States Marines, Knives, Women, and action movies, 1 of my favorite actors is Nicolas Cage, I like playing my UFC Undisputed video game. The name I choose with your help may also be used as my online ID on my ps3. Again all ideas are welcome.

John answers:


Robert asks…

What are some good ideas for new email addresses?

I am trying to figure out what a good new email address would be for a yahoo account.

I am a teenage girl who is obsessed with pirates of the caribbean, lord of the rings, ORLANDO BLOOM, and things like that.

I love reeses cups, the colors lime green blue and hot pink, ride horses, play electric guitar, and also like keira knightley and acting.

please help me with a creative address that has something to do with these and is cool!

Thanks so much!

John answers:

BloomingKeira_hotpinkactor_guitar player(can shorten it)

Mark asks…

Any ideas for email addresses?

I can’t think of one, and I need to make a new account..

John answers:

Sandy asks…

what are your ideas for email addresses?

please give me your idea for e-mail addresses i wanna get an account but i want some ideas first i want something like “webman” because i fix my friends and family computers most of the time just give me your idea for this please thank you

John answers:

Real addresses:

Random stuff:

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