Your Questions About Email Addresses Ideas

Lizzie asks…

Email addresses ideas?

I’m looking for ideas for a serious email address. Something like, where John Doe is my real name. However, my name is already taken up on gmail. Not looking at adding things like my hobbies or whatever into the email address, cause it needs to be serious. Any ideas on this?

John answers:

Hope this helps! ^_^

Steven asks…

Any ideas for unique but cute email address?

I need a cute email address idea. My name is Vivianne and i have blue eyes & blond hair. Any ideas?

John answers:

Hi Viv,what about Me*an*u
but only as an adress lol
have a good one.
RóGéR €€€

George asks…

has anyone got any funny email addresses ideas?

im making up a domain but really confused :S

i want some thing funny and random

im an atheist but i cant think of any to do with that

John answers:









Sandy asks…

What are some good email address ideas?

I need an idea for an email address on hotmail. My name is Rachael Hobster + I’m 15.

John answers:


Nancy asks…

What are some cute email address ideas?

I am getting a new email address and I want to have a really cute one. I love softball and sports. I have brown hair and green eyes. I want something sporty/girly. Is there an address I can use that isn’t too long but combines some of those things? I mostly want it to be cute but not juvenile because I am an older teen. Thanks!

John answers:

Here’s a really cool website it has a list of many screen names. Look under the Female or Unisex section

There’s 8 different pages with long lists of ideas, so I’m sure you should find something you like.

On page 8 they have “cute name” category

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