Your Questions About Email Addresses Hacked

Betty asks…

is there any way to get my email address back that someone hacked?

someone hacked my email address. they changed my secret answer and password. they have all my pics of my grandchildren, and all my contacts. They even emailed all my contacts for money, acting like me.

John answers:

Contact a service representative and explain what happened to them. You will require proof that you are who you say your are.

Yahoo! Customer Service

James asks…

How do you know you are hacked by your email address? friends x crazy g f is a hacker, tryin to get in touch?

friends x girlfriend has gone crazy, has access to his files blocked him from websites, if she has access to his files she has my email address can she hack mine? Please help and what should I do?

John answers:

There are so meany people out there that like to think of themself’s as “hackers” and yes it is possable to hack thrugh a email but you have to open it DONT OPEN ENYTHING chances are she’s full of BS, she’s a hacker hahahahaha you are gullable if she told you that lol(bad spelling sorry)

Lizzie asks…

Can I restore the email addresses I had and the sections they were in before I was hacked in March?

I have lost many of the addresses I had including a whole section from China. Can these be restored?
Can I restore my addresses and the divisions they were in? from March 2010

John answers:


Susan asks…

How can an email address been hacked?

I want to know if there exist a specified software or what else…….to hack the password?? I mean if it does exist sth that these hacker use to hack or how they do that?

John answers:

To explain hacking is like think of a tree you have one problem (Trunk/Root) but you have many solutions (Branches). In mathematics you have one problem but infinite solutions meaning that there isn’t ONE way but many.

Sharon asks…

How to get back a hacked Yahoo email address?

someone manage to steal my Yahoo email. Now I’m using this alternate email. How to get my email back?

John answers:

click on this link for help.

Or,contact them with this email address

good luck.
Have a great Day.

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