Your Questions About Email Addresses Hacked

Susan asks…

Someone hacked into my email addresses sending emails how do I stop them?

John answers:

Change your password?

Donald asks…

Is anyone else having problems with people hacking their email addresses to send spam emails or fake emails?

Someone has hacked my email address. I changed the password now two times and it still gets hacked. Someone will disguise their email or something and send things to all of the people in my contacts. I have had several complaints and people are getting upset. Is anyone else having these problems? Some of the things being sent are for prescriptions from Canada, Pharmacy, etcetera. Any suggestions?

John answers:

Your account got compromised. First change your password. Account help.… for just about anything to do with your account. Then run anti Virus and Anti Spyware. Should be fine then.

Joseph asks…

my email adress was hacked and i want to erase it from the system?

My email address was hacked into. I deleted my account but my friends are still getting blank emails from my old account. I have a new account now but, I want to delete the old one from the yahoo records.

John answers:

Anyone with a separate email program can use any name or address for the FROM address. I could change my name and address in seconds in Thunderbird to anything. The address does not have to be valid.

The hacker has copied your address list and there is no way to stop it.

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Michael asks…

When someone responds to my email, it’s being misdirected to a hacked email?

My yahoo email was hacked. I changed the password immediately but still have a problem. If I send an email, my correct email address appears in the “from” line. But if the recipient hits “reply”, the reply is sent to a hacked email address. How do I get the reply address back to mine?

John answers:

Account hacking can happen several ways. One you may have a Malware infection. Two non-complex password. Another that is often over looked browser cookie theft. In the last case one of the possibly many sites you went to had a hacker place code to have your browser send them your cookies. “Check source below.”

To fix your account can go to here or email here They may be able to fix your recipient reply issue. Have your friends also check their accounts and computers as well.

I had my account hacked as well. For me I use Linux as my O/S so I am guessing a cookie theft.

I have worked on several systems that wile running wireshark I have found to be accessing Yahoo and Hotmail. These systems were infected and accessing other peoples email accounts.

I have started an Online petition for improved account security you can find that here. Http://
I have also started a Facebook user group to try and help. You can find that here.

Sandy asks…

Me email address has been hacked and is sending emails?

My email address has been hacked and is sending emails randomly, i want to close it down and start again.

John answers:

Your account has been compromised. Yahoo strongly suggests that you change your password to something difficult to guess. Closing the account won’t change anything because it’s the addresses that have been violated.
Use one of these links. Http:// or:
Or just leave the account sit and Yahoo will delete it for inactivity after 4 months

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