Your Questions About Email Addresses Hacked

Daniel asks…

Yahoo email hacked and addresses have been wiped?

My Yahoo email address has been hacked and the hacker has wiped out all my contacts email addresses. Is there any way I can get them back?
The computer is ‘clean’ and fully protected. This was not a virus. My account was hacked.
I am now gradually re-building my address book. I had hoped that someone might know a quick fix.
Thank you for your answers.

John answers:

You’ll get back some of your contacts when they e-mail you. Then you just add them back to your contact list. Its a matter of waiting it out for this to happen. Perhaps you have some interesting people on your e-mail server. And a hacker felt it necessary to hi-jack them.
Of course this isn’t funny, and you could do without the hassle. I’ve never heard of this before I must say. I don’t know if a Restore would bring them back, but I would give it a try anyway.
Hope you get everything back, and it doesn’t take too long.


Nancy asks…

Yahoo email address has been hacked and the hacker has wiped out all my contacts email addresses. What now?

My Yahoo email address has been hacked and the hacker has wiped out all my contacts email addresses. Is there any way I can get them back?

John answers:

Sounds like your E-mail account has been compromised, or you picked up a virus, Maria.
Immediately have your computer checked for a ‘bug’ or ‘bugs.’
Once it is clean of pests, install a firewall and an anti-virus program if you do not have one yet.
I strongly recommend a program for malware and adware also.
After you finish this, then go in and change your password, using a good strong one.
Also, check your account information and make sure no information was changed, if it was change it back immediately.
Then you have to inform all of your contacts that you did not send them those mails, the virus did, and that they need to check their computers for infection, too
No, if the virus deleted your contact list, then you can only contact all of them to get their information again so you replace it. Sorry …

Linda asks…

how do can email addresses get hacked?

Somebody hacked into my boyfriends email address and ‘dumped’ me. Me and my boyfriend sorted it out but I wanna know how somebody could have done this without his password?
(It’s obviously someone that we know)

John answers:

Maybe it was your boyfriend………nah I’m only messing.

Well if they didn’t have his password a simple kiddie script could have done it without much effort.

David asks…

How do I recover email addresses that were hacked? They have to be in the system somewhere?

John answers:


click on this link and it will help.

Or,contact them with this email address

good luck.

Sandra asks…

How do I email facebook from a different email address regarding a hacked account?

My email was hacked so I made a new one, but my facebook was hacked as well and now it is sending messages to people in real life. The messages are causing a problem and I need the account deleted, but don’t have access to the email address the account was made with. How do I get it deleted?

John answers:

Well, I doubt Facebook will share their log files with you and show you what the IP is that is coming to her page.

If she is still the owner of the original e-mail that was used to create the account or the e-mail prior to the new one, perhaps Facebook will change her e-mail for her or cancel her account altogether.

I also doubt there is any way for the public to see the persons IP when they post on someone else’s wall.

If you can get their IP address from the hotmail, there’s a chance you can contact her ISP and give them the IP and the time the e-mail was sent so they’ll know who had the IP at the time. They probably won’t give you any information since you’re not the cops, but they may take it upon themselves to send a “notice” to the culprit that they’ve received complaints about them. An ISP can kick you off of their network if you’re using it for malicious reasons. How often does that happen….it’s probably pretty rare.

If her password was hacked, I’d almost bet it’s someone who knows her. Did she login to her Facebook from someone else’s computer where her password may have been saved? Or with someone standing behind her where they were watching?

If Facebook won’t cooperate, it would be easier to create a new account with a strong password and then just tell all of her friends to delete the old one from their friends list.

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