Your Questions About Email Addresses Free

Linda asks…

Is there a way to find peoples email addresses for free?

I don`t know how to reconnect or find old friends. Is there any free email lookup sights?

John answers:

You can use
It works well for me
Hope it can help you.

Donald asks…

Can an individual have four free Email addresses?

Can an individual have four free Yahoo Email addresses?

John answers:

Yes of course. I myself have two.
When they ask you for an alternate e-mail address put your current one
down. It’s what I did.

Lisa asks…

does anyone know any website s that help find peoples email addresses free with no memberships?

I have a relative who i need to find, but every email finder website i go to needs some money to get her email. does anyone know any web sites i could go to to find her email without paying?

John answers:

Try this one as there are 3 sites inside this website and it has both paid and FREE options.
My suggestion go for paid one as the free option usually do not give you the desired results.

Thomas asks…

What’s going on with all these people using FREE email addresses offering personal low interest loans on here?

I’ve read at least seven messages here on Yahoo Answers by people claiming to be financial professionals offering low interest private or personal loans to people with any type of credit. Coincidentally, these “professionals” are using FREE email addresses like yahoo or hotmail.

I would think there would be a reputable business email address, website, contact phone number, etc, so that one can check with the BBB to confirm if these people are legitimate? Are these most likely scams? Anyone tried them?

John answers:

Its all a scam they want money up front and when you send it to them you don’t get your loan. Happened to someone I know and I wish she would have talked to me first about it because I would have told her its nothing but a scam.

Sharon asks…

Which free email addresses are there to choose from?

For example you can get yahoo, or rocketmail from a yahoo account. Or hotmail or live from msn.

I have an email address from hotmail but I need a more “grown-up” on now that I need to start writing CVs and university applications without sounding really immature.

John answers:

Well sounds pretty adult, a lot of company use it for promotional reasons and even some youtube V-blogers do to.

I use it too, and may i say it’s the best one ever and has the best SPAM deleter script EVER

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