Your Questions About Email Addresses Free

Michael asks…

How can i get free email addresses for people in UK?

I want to do an email campaign, emailing everyone in the UK about a new internet business, how can i get their email addresses for free. Does anyone know how i would be able to email everyone.

John answers:

That is spam. Most email clients wouldn’t even allow you to mail to that many addresses. Would you want everyone who wants people to go to their website to be emailing you? You’d get thousands of emails a day if it were that easy. If you have a business and you want it seen, make sure you work with Google and other search engines so that when people search for whatever your business is, they will find your site. You will likely have to pay. If you have a product or service to sell, you have to be willing to pay to make your business a success. That isn’t done by annoying people by flooding them with spam.

Sharon asks…

How can I obtain free email addresses?

I want to conduct an experiment the involves the use of email. I only need about 10 to 20 email addresses. Is there any kind of free service that provides addresses for free?

John answers:

Experiment??? Yeah! Right!!! No thanks! I don’t need any more SPAM!!!

Betty asks…

How can I join a site that does not accept “free email addresses?”?

I use yahoo and hotmail, I want to join a message board but its saying “The administrator has banned your email address. As stated on the registration agreement page, we do not accept registrations with free E-mail addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and the like.”
Is there any emails I could use?

John answers:

Usually, you internet service provider will also offer e-mail, such as janedoe@roadrunner, or whoever your ISP is.

Lizzie asks…

is there a web site that will locate peoples email addresses free of charge?

i was needing to know if it is possible to locate someones email address free of charge?

John answers:

When you find about tell me

Mark asks…

Where on Google can I set up my web email addresses for free?

I have a website. Where can I go to make email addresses for my website free?

John answers:


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