Your Questions About Email Addresses For Senators

Chris asks…

i need the email address for the senator of San Diego or California?

please help me find it.

John answers:

You can email either Senator Boxer or Feinstein at

Maria asks…

email address for Senator Barnaby Jones, Parliament Canberra?

John answers:

Its in the white pages under Federal Government. Also please ask him how he can use the 9 mobile phones supplied to him at taxpayers expenses at once. Thank you

David asks…

What is Senator Scott Brown’s email address?

I need to know it for a merit badge for boy scouts. If some one can find it, it would be greatly appreciated.

John answers:

Hello Ryan:

Try a simple internet search engine search, such as “” or “Google.”

Keep on Scoutin’

Sharon asks…

email addr for Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Chris Dodd.?

I would like the email address to write to Conn. Senators Joseph Lieberman, and Christopher Dodd. or their Washington Office Address.

John answers:

They use a webform:

From there you can reach both CT Senators. For more information go to to reach the entire U.S. Senate.

Sandra asks…

email address for US senator evan bayh of indiana?

John answers:

This is his Senate website, which has contact information for different kinds of requests:

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