Your Questions About Email Addresses For Senators

David asks…

NHL – How much would you pay to have the email address

My brother has owned this address for years now, just wondering if it’s worth anything.

John answers:

Tell your brother I will give him 14-cents and a picture of my ex.

Daniel asks…

who are the congressmen for zip code 78654 and what are their email addresses?

I would like the email addresses for the senators and representatives from my district near marble falls, TX 78654

John answers:


Sen. John Cornyn (R):
Sen. Kay Hutchison (R):

House representative:

Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R):

Paul asks…

Where can I find email addresses for U.S. senators and representatives?

John answers:

Follow the link below.

Nancy asks…

I need the actual email address for the senators for all fifty states, not just a link to the states web form?

Actually, I need the list for Senators and Congrssmen

John answers:

Here you go Jon;

Jenny asks…

Email List for Contacting Senators?

Hi 🙂

Just wanted to know if there is a directory of State SenatorsEmail addresses. There is a list of all of the Senators on the U.S. Senate page, but you have to contact each of them individually. W

Does anyone know if there is a general list of the Senators‘ e-mails, as if I could put them all in the ‘To:’ field of an email?

Thanks so much!!

John answers:

You can only e-mail the senators from your state. The others will ignore your comments.

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