Your Questions About Email Addresses For Senators

Paul asks…

How do I find the California senators email address?

I need to contact them for school, its part of a project

John answers:

You can go to this website as shown below;

It shows a list of California senators email addresses along with their address and telephone number.

Joseph asks…

I am looking for email addresses for Senators, congressmen for Kentucky?

John answers: This gives you direct contacts to those who are important to you as well as all the rest of those jokers, too!

Sharon asks…

how do I find email addresses for my state senators?

I’m in GA.
because I’m lazy, retired military wife.

John answers:
you can go to your senator on the site and send him mail

Linda asks…

Does any one know where I can get the email addresses to all the Representatives and Senators?

We get out some frustrations talking about Amnesty and running each other down. What if each one of us mailed a letter to every one of them? You only have to write it once then just copy and paste. What if all of us said NO? What if we bought to the attention of them all that illegal aliens cost us over 40,000,000,000 a year in lost taxes. How many can we round up and deport for that? What if hiring illegals was a felony with a minimum sentence of ten years? Those who do make enough to pay any fine.
I know I hear people cry that some have been this country this country for years and have children here making them, the children USA citizens. But they are criminals. We take children away from criminal parents all the time.
We are at war and need to act like it.

John answers:

It tells everything pertaining to everyone. President, Vice-President, Congress(Senators and Representatives). It tells all addresses and e-mails. A really great website. I use it alot. Go to it. You’ll be busy for sometime. It gives that persons Bio information and everything. You can see some things also that people put in there such as “Letters to Leaders”. I put one in there for my Senator recently. I also wrote to nearly every Senator recently. This site is one of the best.

Ruth asks…

Are senators’ email addresses “[last name]” or “[first initial/LN]”?

I went to the official online senate directory, but it only offered an online form for the senator I wish to contact. It didn’t allow for general comments – rather, it provided a list of specific issues that you could inquire about.

I seem to recall that there’s a consistent way to format their names when e-mailing, and I can’t remember if it’s [last name only] or [first initial last name] Can anyone tell me which one? Thanks!!

John answers:

Its initial/

coz my uncles a senator
for security reasons i cant disclose the full ID

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