Your Questions About Email Addresses For Kids

Betty asks…

How can I create an email address for my kids?

I’ve tried to follow directions I’ve seen online. When I log in to my account, I don’t see a heading that says sub accounts. Do you have to have premium service? I’ve got the beta version of yahoo mail. Does that make a difference?

John answers:

Set up free Yahoo accounts for each of them. Make sure you keep the passwords and check it often. You need to monitor their online activity.

Ruth asks…

can I create an email address for my kids that are linked to mine?

I want to utilize these email addresses for skype and facetime calls with family

John answers:

If you indicate they are under 13 when you create the account it will request that you have a family account. It will tie them to yours. You need a credit card to prove you are an adult. The tie is pretty loose. They are actually separate accounts and they will follow the age restrictions at certain Yahoo sites. Most control is still up to you by actually signing into their account. 
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Mark asks…

Can I create a Facebook for my kids using my email address?

I haven’t allowed my children to have one yet but I think they are responsible enough with my supervision to have one now. But do I have to get them a separate email? I hope not so I can monitor it.

how can I do this?

John answers:

You sadly cannot get away with using your own email address, so you are going to have to make them one (I would advice for the safety/privacy of your children that they don’t use their actual name in their email address name, but make it something they could easily remember like ‘pinkandpurple123’)

Here is what my mom did when I first got my facebook:
1. I had to set my privacy settings to the one where people can’t see anything on my profile unless they were my friend (and then the friend setting would have to be where I approved of the friend, meaning that I actually knew the person)
2. My mother had to approve of everything that I posted and that includes writing, pictures, and videos

Hope I helped!

Paul asks…

how to get email address for kids?

John answers:

I dont see what your asking, just sign up for another account on yahoo………

Helen asks…

So many parents seem to email their kids teachers.. is it appropraite to ask the teacher for the email address

or is it proper to have it offered to you? How is it appropraite to get it?

John answers:

Just ask up front if e-mailing is a preferred method of communication with her/him. It’s preferable to notes home because the notes can get lost en-route. Phone calls can be tough because either it’s the middle of the school day and the teacher is busy or you must wait until after hours and that’s not fair on the teachers (when does their work day end?). I’ll best most will welcome the method.

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