Your Questions About Email Addresses For Kids

Charles asks…

if you email a contact and there are 2 addresses for that person, will the message go to both e-mails?

I am a team manager and many families give me 2 email addresses for their kids. I added one entry for each kid, many with 2 addresses. Then I added them to the category. When I sent out the schedule, the 2nd address didn’t get the note. How can I do this with out doubling the amount of entries and making 2 contacts for each kid?

John answers:

The Only way it will go to both addresses without having to put in each address every time is to create a group and in that group add all that persons emails or all the emails that you want to send to regularly at the same time

John asks…

Is it safe to set my 8 & 10 year old kids a email address on yahoo?

I want my kids to have a email address to where family and friends can chat with my kids online. This way my kids can get to know computers. Is it goin to b safe enough for me to set them up one

John answers:

Yeah. I got one in 2004, but I didn’t use it till later. Now I’m 13 and I’m still safe. Use the parental block. My dad kept me blocked from inappropriate sites. And whenever I wanted to add a friend to Yahoo! Messenger, he had to approve it.

Steven asks…

Where can I get a free kids email service?

My little brother that is six years old wants an email address so he can play on neopets. My email address has already been used five times and that’s the maximum amount you can use it.
(my email is being used for someone else)
I want something easy to login to so he won’t need help.

John answers:

Yahoo has Yahooligans with parental controls

Michael asks…

Is there a way to restrict yahoo email for kids to only receive from certain addresses?

John answers:

Yahoo! Does not actually have a feature to only accept e-mails from contacts,i would just regularly monitor his e-mail and when he gets other e-mails block them

but as long as he is not giving out his e-mail and signing up to sites that will send his spam he probably won’t get that many e-mails from other people anyway


Donald asks…

how can you use your email address likefor my kids online games it ask for my email address but it wil not ema?

like my litte girl is wanted a page on disney channel. it ask me for my email address. can i use it for that . or is it only for when your on yahoo.

John answers:

Yes you can use it for that, because that is your email address, that is how spammers send us junk mail by putting our address on different sites, even when they say they are secure, it’s not true.

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